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Two former EFF allies in spat over granny’s home

Matshaya accuses Wele of lying he build 95-year-old woman a house


ONCE political allies while members of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Themba Wele and Andile Matshaya are at each other’s throats over a house for a granny.

Matshaya claims that Wele lied when he said he built a house for a 95-year-old Boxwood granny.

Wele presented the house to Yoliswa Jawuka last week, saying he had used his savings and had asked businesses to help him build the house for the elderly woman.

However, Matshaya, who called the Daily Dispatch after reading the report last week, claimed Wele had not built the house for Jawuka.

He alleged the house was in fact a display unit built by Rencor for the Orange Grove Developmen­t Project, which he said had been roped in by government to build houses in the area. “This man is a liar, he has nothing to do with that house. It was built because we as a community wanted to see what the planned houses would be like,” he said.

Wele did not deny he had received help with the building project.

“Although Rencor may have helped me I still paid for materials like window panes, sand and cement,” the former EFF provincial leader said.

Human settlement­s provincial spokesman Lwandile Sicwetsha corroborat­ed Wele’s story.

“This [house] is not ours, it’s Wele’s project. The department has not built anything in the Boxwood area. We are still in the planning phase for that project. We can’t even start building display houses until this phase is completed,” he said.

Orange Grove community leaders also backed Wele, saying he had gone to businesses with cap in hand, asking for assistance.

“It is Themba who asked Rencor to help him with the building of that house but they never finished it,” Thulisa Stamper said.

“I even wrote letters to local businesses for him to ask if they could help with supplies but we never got any replies,” Stamper said. “Andile is just disgruntle­d because he was removed as chairperso­n of the community.”

Another resident, Olwethu Mbalene said of Matshaya: “He tried to reinstate himself by wrongfully using our signatures. This is why I opened a case of fraud against him”.

Police spokeswoma­n Warrant Officer Hazel Mqala confirmed a fraud case was opened in December last year against Matshaya.

Mqala said the matter went before the East London Magistrate’s Court on May 23 this year.

“It was then withdrawn for further investigat­ion two days later,” Mqala said.

However, Matshaya said: “I don’t know anything about this case. It is all hearsay to me”.

 ?? Picture: MICHAEL PINYANA ?? WELCOME RELIEF: Themba Wele with 95-year-old Yoliswa Jawuka at her newlybuilt house in Orange Grove
Picture: MICHAEL PINYANA WELCOME RELIEF: Themba Wele with 95-year-old Yoliswa Jawuka at her newlybuilt house in Orange Grove

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