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LA’s bright lights no glow for ‘Tsotsi’ star

Overseas stint too risky for Chweneyaga­e


ACTOR Presley Chweneyaga­e claims that despite several possible opportunit­ies overseas‚ he refused to move to the US after his Oscar win in 2006 because he did not want to end up on the streets of Los Angeles broke and homeless.

The star‚ who recently lit up TV screens after the launch of the iNumber Number TV series on Mzansi Magic‚ told TshisaLIVE that, at the time, he did not want to leave South Africa on “a whim and a promise”.

“My life obviously changed after we won the Oscar. I got calls from around the world and there was a lot of interest. I would send audition tapes across and sometimes hear back. I could have gone to LA‚ but without anything concrete‚ I didn’t want to rush off and then end up broke and homeless in LA. It happens all too often‚” Chweneyaga­e said.

Instead the star signed up for several local projects‚ including several films and some theatre work.

However‚ no matter how much he tried to shake it‚ his role in Tsotsi stayed with him.

“I would do a number of roles that were different to Tsotsi to show my versatilit­y, but my role in Tsotsi stuck. You could say it overshadow­ed the rest of my career‚ but I am an actor who thrives on doing different roles‚ so I tried not to get too frustrated by it‚” Chweneyaga­e said.

Part of that versatilit­y has seen Chweneyaga­e make the transition from film to TV for iNumber Number. The show is based on the 2013 film which also starred Chweneyaga­e. He admitted that the transition was a little tough at times.

“It is a very different format. There’s a lot more shooting in the day and it’s very intensive. I had to listen to those around me and take their advice a little more than I would if I was shooting a film. But it was exciting and I am glad to have finally made my mark on TV‚” he said with a laugh.

Although tight-lipped about the future‚ Chweneyaga­e said that he wouldn’t rule out one day doing a comedy or‚ at least‚ a less serious role.

“I think it would be fun to do something a little less serious. It is all part of being an actor‚” Chweneyaga­e added.

iNumber Number airs on Mzansi Magic every Sunday at 8pm.

 ?? Picture: FILE ?? ADDING UP: ‘iNumber Number’ TV series actor Presley Chweneyaga­e talks about life after ’Tsotsi’
Picture: FILE ADDING UP: ‘iNumber Number’ TV series actor Presley Chweneyaga­e talks about life after ’Tsotsi’

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