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The long weight is over for radio star


LERATO Kganyago describes her battle with weight as somewhat of a rollercoas­ter ride over the past few years‚ but she has finally learnt to embrace her “African” body – curves and all!

The radio personalit­y told the Fresh Breakfast team that she was finally at a point in her “weight journey” where she was comfortabl­e in her own body. She recounted how she had gone through the ups and downs of different body shapes before she accepted herself.

“Initially in my 20s‚ I think mid20s, I started taking medication to pick up more weight because I was really really skinny.Then in my late 20s‚ I started picking up weight and I was happy but then I started picking up too much weight‚ then I wasn’t happy‚” she said.

The DJ also recounted the cover shoot she did with True Love magazine in June last year‚ which sparked widespread outrage after the “extensive” use of Photoshop.

The publicatio­n hit back at the criticism by releasing unedited pictures of Lerato.

“People knew the skinny Lerato with no cellulite and then the cover thing happened. I was a bit more concerned‚ I was worried‚ was I getting too big? But I worked really hard‚ not only to get my body back but also my confidence. Now I am comfortabl­e with the fact that I am not the skinny Lerato anymore. I’ve got an African body‚ which is normal‚” she explained. — DDC

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