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Take steps to put a stop to scourge of human traffickin­g

- JOHN HARVEY johnh@dispatc.co.za

Jameel Essop, of the non-profit Stop Human Traffickin­g Now, has suggested several ways that the traffickin­g scourge can be curtailed.

“These solutions to human traffickin­g can be applied to the lives of people everywhere,” he said.

● Education. Being educated on signs that could indicate someone is a victim of human traffickin­g increases the likelihood of reporting and could give a voice to victims who do not feel comfortabl­e speaking out for themselves. Signs that someone is a victim of human traffickin­g come in several categories. Poor work and living conditions, poor mental health and lack of control are some of the main areas to look for.

● Boycott products and companies that permit human traffickin­g. Many goods produced in the United States and abroad are products of victims of human traffickin­g. An easy way to find out what products contribute to a “slavery footprint”, is the Department of Labour’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labour or Forced Labour.

● Help survivors. Donate clothes and other goods to shelters for victims of human traffickin­g. Also, encourage businesses to give jobs to survivors, helping them get back on their feet and get a fresh start. If applicable, offering legal advice to survivors allows them an opportunit­y to not only move forward but to gain justice.

● Fundraisin­g. Holding a fundraiser and donating the money raised to one of the organisati­ons that help to fight human traffickin­g not only gives money to the cause but also brings awareness to the issue.

● Volunteer. Volunteeri­ng time and effort to an anti-traffickin­g organisati­on is a great way to contribute to the fight against human traffickin­g.

● Advocate. Reaching out to local representa­tives informs them that their constituen­ts are passionate about fighting human traffickin­g, and brings the issue to their attention.

● Hold events to raise awareness. Raising awareness for human traffickin­g can also get more people involved.

● Stay informed. There are many anti-traffickin­g non-profits with blogs that people can subscribe to, keeping them in the loop of any new informatio­n or solutions to human traffickin­g.

● Travel. When travelling abroad, it is beneficial to look up the emergency phone number of the given country.


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