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Homework for Ngwenya


BCM spokespers­on Samkelo Ngwenya’s dismissive attitude to WaterWorld project objections (“Mixed Basket of Responses to BCM’s R100m WaterWorld Project”, DD Aug 4) refers.

If social media objections are only from people who “have access to airtime and data” can Ngwenya explain what happened to the 2017 project to set up free Wi-Fi hotspots in Buffalo City Metro?

Why is a call for the money to rather be spent on fixing our city’s crumbling infrastruc­ture “negative energy”? Everyone benefits from a functionin­g city. When I did a thesis on tourism in BCM, three points were raised by all sectors: our city is unsafe, our city is dirty and our city’s infrastruc­ture is crumbling. Doesn’t it make sense to fix the foundation­s before worrying about the decoration­s?

While people on West Bank would welcome the developmen­t, would they welcome the developmen­t instead of improved living conditions? If West Bank residents’ feelings were expressed through their elected representa­tive, then there must be minutes of the meeting(s) where they carefully considered all options and intelligen­tly made their decision.

Could Ngwenya please arrange for these minutes to be posted on the BCM website? The WaterWorld and Court Crescent projects are exciting. If BCM can afford to fund them and increase councillor remunerati­on, why can’t it afford a clean, safe city with world-class infrastruc­ture?

— Dave Rankin, Cambridge

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