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Hail public health


Iwas referred to Frere Hospital in November 2018 after a heart attack. The two young doctors at Casualty, and all staff there, treated me with utmost respect and kindness. On being admitted to a clean and orderly ward, friendly staff greeted me although it was late at night. l cannot fault a thing throughout my stay. Last year I had to go to Casualty again, and again l received top treatment and no, l did not have to wait hours for it. I also attended the medical outpatient­s clinic, where some days the poor staff are really overworked. l received excellent treatment from a Dr Nishan Sookdev.

I was later sent to the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha. Again, excellent treatment from the cardiac team, and in the ward. Yes, one has to wait one’s turn and sometimes for quite a while. But this happens everywhere we go, including at private medical practition­ers. I’m not saying no bad experience­s happen at Frere, but don’t they happen at private hospitals as well, though we seldom hear of them?

— Norma Evans, via e-mail

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