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BCM fails to account for how taxpayers’ money was spent

- — Mkhululi Ndamase

The metro has failed to meet all its previous deadlines to get the pool functional again

Eleven detailed questions were sent to BCM spokespers­on Samkelo Ngwenya but he did not answer them, opting instead for a general response.

Justifying his failure to account for how, and how much, taxpayers’ money was spent, Ngwenya said they would rather focus on the positive impact the pool would have on the community.

“We would rather focus on the promising future and developmen­ts of the swimming pool than tracing it back to homeland days when our people were expected to be sardined in a little swimming pool due to the colour of their skin,” he said, despite the pool having been functionin­g before the dawn of democracy. “It’s important to note that we are going big on this pool and have earmarked to build a state-ofthe-art venue that will add to the many game-changing projects that are reposition­ing Mdantsane. The pool is the type of infrastruc­ture that the people of Mdantsane deserve.”

The metro has failed to meet all its previous deadlines to get the pool functional again — and now it says it is expected to be opened to the public on May 31 2021.

Vandalism has been identified as the main reason the city has failed to meet the previous deadlines.

Asked whether complaints had been laid with the police, if he could provide case numbers for independen­t verificati­on, if security guards had been deployed to guard against further vandalism, and if the community had been roped in and awareness raised, Ngwenya failed to respond.

He instead sent the Dispatch an extract from mayor Xola Pakati’s state of the city address delivered in July and pointing to vandalism, but did not say what was being done to address the problem.

However, at the time Pakati told the Dispatch they would have to consider hiring security guards to prevent further vandalism of the pool.

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