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ADM health officials round up illegal and outdated goods

Some of the seized food and dairy products expired as far back as 2015


Expired food and dairy products, diluted hand sanitisers, stock with no marked expiry dates, wild animal meat illegally for sale, illicit cigarettes and filthy shops.

This was what Amathole district municipali­ty officials and politician­s discovered on the shelves of some shops in Peddie and Middledrif­t during a health inspection programme this week.

Expired goods were confiscate­d and disposed of at a dumping site while shop owners were either slapped with fines or arrested for, among other things, being in contravent­ion of national lockdown regulation­s that have outlawed the sale of cigarettes.

On Wednesday, a team of inspectors, led by ADM health and safety directorat­e administra­tion boss Yolisa Mniki and political head, councillor Nanziwe Rulashe, inspected five grocery shops in Middledrif­t.

Expired food and dairy products, some having expired in 2015 and 2018, outdated cleaning products, and sanitisers allegedly mixed with water were some of the items removed from store shelves.

One of the popular big chain stores in the Middledrif­t CBD was also found to be illegally selling wild game meat as it did not have a valid permit.

The carcass warthog was stored in the same cold storage facility as the other meat products, even though it was not properly skinned.

Some businesses were shut down after it was discovered they were operating under unhygienic conditions.

It was a similar scene when the ADM team surprised businesses in the Peddie CBD on Thursday, where some of the outlets were also found to have been mixing sanitisers with water for sale to customers.

Bakkie-loads of expired food products and other outdated items were also confiscate­d by inspectors.

Rulashe on Friday said more unannounce­d raids would follow and that all six local municipali­ties under ADM jurisdicti­on would be visited.

“What we saw when we visited some of these outlets really left one with a heavy heart because our people are getting sick and dying as a result of consuming these expired food and dairy products.

“We are a very rural district with many of our citizens being elderly people who do not check the expiry dates when purchasing their products.

“In most of the stores we visited, we found that the expired products were packed at the front of the shelves, while the new products are hidden at the back.

“This shows that such expired items are being sold to our people deliberate­ly,” Rulashe said.

Raiding such outlets, Rulashe said, was part of her directorat­e’s core business.

“In other outlets we found fake sanitisers and eucalyptus which they manufactur­e and mix with water.

“People will be of the opinion that they are buying legit sanitisers, while in actual fact they will be buying something that will not help them in the fight against the novel coronaviru­s.

“People will die if we do not take this thing seriously and if we allow such retailers to continue feeding our people with belowstand­ard food items,” Rulashe said.

 ?? Pictures: SUPPLIED ?? TOO OLD: Expired food and many other illegal goods are found during a raid by Amathole health inspectors on some shops the region.
Pictures: SUPPLIED TOO OLD: Expired food and many other illegal goods are found during a raid by Amathole health inspectors on some shops the region.

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