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Responses to Catastroph­ic miscarriag­e of justice

I am reading in your newspaper and other newspapers about the ANC not paying PAYE and other employees’ deductions to the relevant authoritie­s. I’m assuming that no officials have been charged, as there is nothing in the news on this.

If the same criminal behaviour had been undertaken by a private employer, there is no doubt that the responsibl­e officials would have been in court and possibly behind bars. Shouldn’t the ANC be subjected to the same laws?

Regards, Brian

This is such a grotesque miscarriag­e of justice that one has to question whether it was accidental, simply procedural or with some other intention in mind.

Beecee Macpherson

Too busy arresting surfers, chasing old ladies walking poodles, pouring alcohol down the drain and disarming lawfully armed citizens.

Jonathan Deal

Put it down to staggering incompeten­ce, cadre deployment, zero accountabi­lity and stupidity. Tony Reilly

Responses to ANC’s money woes: debt, unpaid salaries and dry donation taps

Moeletsi Mbeki said it best: “In a way, it says a lot about the incompeten­ce of the ANC. Not paying tax tells us that the ANC is above the law. It doesn’t have to follow the laws of SA but requires the public to do so.”

Salatiso Mdeni

This is the party that, through incompeten­ce, corruption and arrogance, destroyed SAA, Eskom, Denel, SABC and a host of other successful government-owned businesses. How could you expect those same delinquent­s to be competent enough manage their own political party?

Beecee Macpherson

Watching the ANC destroy the country is like watching a car crash in slow motion – nothing we can do about it. Which is why I love watching the criminal syndicate destroying itself. I can’t wait for the final nail in the ANC coffin.

NiCk Griffon

Is there any way in which we can force [SARS Commission­er Edward] Kieswetter and his colleagues to simply do what would be done to you and me should we have failed to pay PAYE, UIF or pension contributi­ons? Why has nothing been done – four years later?

Wikus Van Der Walt

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