Daily Maverick

Two activities for you to try


Make your own recycled paper

What you need:

• Used paper (newspaper, printer paper, letters)


Large bowl

Rolling pin

Plastic container lid

Dish towels (You can use any towel, but we want the texture of the paper to be as smooth as possible. Old T-shirts work well too.)

Baking paper


1. Use your hands to tear the used paper into smaller pieces. Don’t use any paper with a waxy or glossy side – stick to used newspapers and printer paper.

Soak the shredded paper in a bowl of boiling water. Let the paper soak until the water is lukewarm.

Take out the soggy paper and add it to a blender. Pour in a little extra water and start the blender. If the paper pulp isn’t mixing, add some more water. You want your pulp to have the consistenc­y of a thick milkshake.

While your paper is blending, cover your plastic container lid with parchment paper.

Once the paper pulp is blended, take out the pulp and squeeze out the excess water with your hands.






When you can’t get any more liquid out by hand, place the paper pulp onto your plastic lid.

Cover the pulp with a towel and flatten with a rolling pin.

Use the rolling pin to squeeze out any remaining water and to flatten the pulp into the shape of a piece of paper.

Once the pulp has been flattened, remove the towel and let your recycled paper dry overnight.

Once your recycled paper is completely dry, decorate it with drawings or writing! You can even put seeds into your paper and make cards that family and friends can plant in their garden.




One point each

Three points each Five points each Five points each

Eight points each 10 points each

The person with the most points wins! Be sure to sanitise or wash your hands once you’ve finished collecting!

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