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Love the Commander-in-Thief title for Zuma! It could not be more apt. Sad to say a good proportion of voters are either illiterate, unable to comprehend the facts or else rely on ANC handouts and the odd hamburger and a T-shirt. No one voting for South Africa – the country as a whole and not a crooked political party – would bother to spit on Zuma’s grave, never mind shell out for his shameful legal bills. Are we taxpayers still handing over money to keep his many wives and children in cars and comfort? We need to call a halt to all this ridiculous spending.

Jacci Babich

I have one question only: who is funding Malema, Zuma, Vavi and the host of other crooks? It is not their supporters. They are broke. So who is it? Who is paying for the houses, cars, private schools and the legal fees? Answer that and I will be a

DM fan forever. Iain Maricich

I’m quite thrilled to see and hear that the EU will be helping the Mozambican government fight terrorism.

I think all southern African countries are excited with this move, especially the South African government, in particular President Cyril Ramaphosa and Naledi Pandor, because they were at the centre of resolving that unnecessar­y civil war, which is funded by faceless individual­s.

I also appreciate the British government, especially Liz Truss, for commending the role of Queen Elizabeth in promoting discussion­s between the ANC and National Party leaders, the release of Nelson Mandela and the ending of economic sanctions.

I was looking at those who were born here in East London – black and white. They were concerned, saddened and worried about Queen Elizabeth’s passing. May her soul rest in peace.

Lunguza Thozamile

Thank you for the positive finance and employment news (“Shoprite shoots the lights out”) from one of SA’s prominent retailers. Good to read occasional good news, especially considerin­g the ravages of Covid-19, the damage from the looting on retailers and the economic stress being felt by consumers from rising prices.

Let’s not overlook the positive effect of sales, servicing and repairs of 4,000 new motorcycle­s. At the same time it would have been nice to hear the opinions of a few of the Shoprite 60Sixty delivery drivers, about their contract with Shoprite – whether positive or negative.

May I suggest to Shoprite that they consider switching to electric motorcycle­s? It should not be too expensive to install a few charging points. This will enhance the retail giant’s green credential­s.

Dave Cannon

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