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The Beautyful Ones Have Just Been Born: Vol. IV: The Gerald Kraak Anthology. This year’s anthology is filled with inspiring and fearless LGBTQI+ works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from across

Africa. Published by Jacana. R250

The Last Feather

by Shameez Patel Papathanas­iou.

The SA-born debut author brings to life a threatand-danger, hidden-world fantasy that Sarah J Maas fans will love. Published by Flame Tree Publishing. R360

The Ledger: Accounting for Failure in Afghanista­n

by David Kilcullen and Greg Mills

assesses the West’s failed approach to Afghanista­n after 9/11 – in military, diplomatic, political and developmen­tal terms. This book explains why and where failings happened, warning against exceptiona­list approaches to future peacebuild­ing missions. R300 from the DM shop.

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