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Help find the ninth planet


CANBERRA: The Australian National University (ANU) has called on amateur astronomer­s to help its researcher­s find a new planet in the Solar System.

The project to find “Planet 9” is let by ANU astrophysi­cist Dr Brad Tucker, and will require the help of passionate stargazers who could be the first to set eyes on something no human has seen before.

“We have the potential to find a new planet in our Solar System that no human has ever seen in our two-million-year history,” Tucker said today.

“Planet 9 is predicted to be a super Earth, about 10 times the mass and up to four times the size of our planet. It’s going to be cold and far away, and about 800 times the distance between Earth and the sun.”

The ANU project will allow “citizen scientists” to browse hundreds of thousands of images taken by the ANU SkyMapper telescope at Siding Spring. – ANA-Xinhua

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