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Why is there no policing of speeding taxis, asks a reader


Road safety

Where are the metro police in the mornings? Inside the yellow line has been used as a racing taxi lane on the M4 from Blue Lagoon to the Mt Edgecombe turn-off every morning this week and no police are to be found. Are they too scared of the taxi drivers or are they having breakfast? Why do they not do their job?


Fawzia Peer is doing a sterling job as Durban’s deputy mayor. Let the people who are jealous of you, and the haters (like “KS” and others) smoulder in their pathetic state: you go, my girl! Hash42


Keeping up with the

Kandasamy’s: so pleasant to see Indians of all religions and language groups sharing laughs and tears in packed cinema houses – something so common in the early Grey Street days! ese

State entities were initially mooted by legislatio­n to advance developmen­t in an effective and efficient manner. However the concept is being abused. Entities are created by most national and provincial government department­s to perpetuate corruption. They duplicate the work of the department­s and only serve to create employment for ANC deployees and award tenders to their buddies. In Durban we have a film commission created by a provincial government department and then eThekwini has its own film office. Both serve to sell punishment for associatin­g with betting organisati­ons. So what do you do when your main sponsor is a sports betting company? Hollywood Bets Dolphins.


Telkom fibre optic cable installati­ons are more of an inconvenie­nce than a pleasure. Workers are seen resting longer than their lunch and tea breaks, which explains the extension and delays in completion of the work. There are damages to sectional title complexes and apartments, from malfunctio­ning gates to untidy stone patching as well as uneven tar resurfacin­g. Will this be attended to and restored? Shameema Omar. Riverside

Odds and ends

Does Kulula Airways belong to our government? They certainly operate like them – a disorganis­ed and unreliable bunch.

Something is not right! In the main lotto draw of March 25, how is it that 3 plus the bonus only pays R49.30, while getting only 3 (without the bonus) pays a guaranteed R50? Ros

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