Fam­ily in mourn­ing af­ter boy, 3, found dead in hole


THE grand­mother of a Lady­smith boy who was found dead af­ter go­ing miss­ing, be­lieved her 3- year- old grand­son’s killers in­tended on bury­ing his body com­pletely, never to be found.

Ntomb­i­futhi Zwane, 40, found her grand­son Al­wande “Fana” Mt­shali’s body on Tues­day af­ter they had searched for him since 10am on Mon­day.

She said they had searched for the tod­dler at the spot where he was even­tu­ally found, more than once.

“I saw his blue flip- flop and ran to where he was, where there were holes dug up for poles in prepa­ra­tion for fenc­ing. I was think­ing maybe he was trapped there and alive. When I was closer I saw just his leg. I started pulling but he was stiff. I had thought he must have been put there recently as we had searched the place be­fore so I pulled harder. His head and top half of his body were in the hole cov­ered in sand and large rocks,” said Zwane.

She ex­plained that the fam­ily home­stead was a large prop­erty with sep­a­rately built rooms and the fam­ily had a thorn bush hedge as a fence.

Zwane said they were re­mov­ing the thorn bush hedge to re­place it with a wire fence and Al­wande was found in a hole for the pole of the fence.

“The hole had been dug some more to ex­tend it, to fit him in there. I don’t know if maybe they were rush­ing or some­thing dis­turbed them but you can see they in­tended on bury­ing him so we never find him.”

Zwane, Al­wande’s ma­ter­nal grand­mother, ex­plained that on Mon­day the boy had been with his 4- month- old sis­ter and their min­der.

“She said the in­fant be­gan cry­ing and the min­der went to a sep­a­rate room, leav­ing Al­wande sit­ting on the stoep of the TV room.

“When she was fin­ished feed­ing the baby, she called out for Al­wande but he didn’t re­spond. He wasn’t on the stoep. The search then be­gan. We searched all of the home­stead prop­erty.

“The area coun­cil­lor Bhekok­wakhe Ma­jola put up an alert on Face­book and more of the com­mu­nity from across the area came and helped search bushes and rivers. We searched un­til 8am on Tues­day,” said Zwane.

They ar­rived at home that morn­ing to find con­gre­gants gath­ered pray­ing and she joined them. She prayed deeper than she ever had and felt that her grand­son was no longer alive.

“I prayed that He at least let me find Al­wande’s body. Some­thing told me to go out­side. I walked up to­wards one of the rooms and some­thing told me to turn back and head down our prop­erty.

“We had walked this way search­ing be­fore. While walk­ing down I saw his blue flip- flop,” said Zwane.

Po­lice spokesper­son Cap­tain Nqo­bile Gwala said that Eza­kheni po­lice had opened an in­quest docket


THREE- YEAR- OLD Al­wande ‘ Fana’ Mt­shali was found dead with half of his body buried in a hole cov­ered in rocks and sand at his home­stead in Mhlo­muya, Lady­smith.

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