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Do away with taxes, increase VAT, then all of us pay



Fuel prices: I’m not an economist but the fuel price and the taxes attached are crippling and punishing the people of South Africa. We are all paying for the ongoing corruption that is going on. Why does the government not do away with all the taxes and increase Vat by 2%? That way, everyone pays toward the RAF and so on. Most who use public transporta­tion get paid out millions in compensati­on from the RAF.

All citizens should pay towards all these taxes. We are supposed to be a democracy. It should be that way for all.

The third wave is upon us. We must keep safe and keep physical distancing. We must prepare and ensure that lives are safe, because death is upon us. South Africa must seriously take steps. Those who can work from home must do so. Social gatherings must stop now. I am concerned about lack of leadership and political gatherings. We will die if we are not careful. My family and I have decided to work from home to avoid death.

The ratepayers associatio­n and community-based organisati­ons need to work as one entity within the Durban and surroundin­g areas because of the failure of councillor­s to question whether the funds are being correctly managed and utilised by the ethekwini Municipali­ty to fix service delivery problems and our ailing infrastruc­ture in areas around Durban. We must also ensure that the executive of the municipali­ty must develop a proper communicat­ion strategy and the involvemen­t of ratepayers in strategic meetings and planning sessions for the developmen­t of longterm solutions to our infrastruc­ture in our respective wards.


With all the shenanigan­s in the ANC, one wonders who is doing the business of running the country. Every one of them have vested selfintere­sts. It’s time for a change in government. We need people who don’t ask: “What’s in it for me?” You get a salary of almost R1 million per annum.

Some factions of the ANC just can’t see that corruption is wrong. Nelson Mandela was such an outstandin­g honest man who gave his life for the people of South Africa. He must be turning in his grave.

If ever South Africa needed a stable, buoyant and aggressive political opposition then now is that time. The ANC is self-destructin­g. Only in a few years will we see the financial cost of their bungling and corrupt practices. We need a vocal, credible opposition to be able to vote for. What do we have? The DA led by a parliament­ary irritant, who has no credible policies except the policy of arguing with everything. I am dismayed by what I see and hear. Now is the time to strike but this bickering bunch stand nowhere. Who on Earth do we vote for? NS

The elite faction of the ANC is winning. Those who are in the know say even in the NEC they are in the majority and they are winning all debates. The RET faction is pinning its hopes on branches. They want the national electing congress to be brought forward, so that new leadership is elected. Watch the space, lots of things are happening now.

The ANC lacks visionary leadership. They should have anticipate­d that the step-aside policy would be divisive and has the potential to collapse the ANC. The step-aside policy should have been made a voluntary process because if you say someone must step aside, what if the legal process takes 10 years and after that you are found not guilty? And also the Constituti­on says someone is innocent until proven otherwise.

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