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Lasizwe’s Zulu King joke gets tweeps heated

- JAMAL GROOTBOOM jamald.grootboom@inl.co.za

YOUTUBER Lasizwe Dambuza’s joke about giving up his virginity to King Misuzulu kazwelithi­ni rubbed some tweeps the wrong way.

Following the death of both King Goodwill Zwelithini and Queen Mantfombi, King Misuzulu kazwelithi­ni was on Friday named heir to the Zulu throne.

The Lasizwe: Fake It Till You

Make It star decided on Saturday to shoot his shot on Twitter since King Misuzulu was unmarried. “The new Zulu King can definitely take my virginity … I’d make a plan on how I’d carry his babies! I have the biggest crush on him! Such a handsome man with PRESENCES AF!”

Some tweeps didn’t take kindly to the post, although it was clearly a joke. “You can’t be speaking about the King and your nasty virginity in one sentence,” said @Sincoko_essay.

“Level of disrespect … a King can’t n should not be gay,” said @Thebzamdud­uzi.

“… this is straight up disrespect­ful to the king. You telling the king he can put it in your a**. Distastefu­l,” said @Lebogangaf­rika.

“Are you INSANE??? !!!! How disrespect­ful… ” said @denisestok­es.

Last month, Dambuza shared enjoying going on dates following his break-up with his ex-boyfriend.

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