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Private security company installs CCTV cameras along ‘infamous’ Florida Road


A PRIVATE security company, Ensure Security, said it was rolling out an extensive CCTV network throughout Durban by using private properties in focus areas.

The company’s chief executive, Kyle Connolly, said as the security provider for the Florida Road urban improvemen­t precinct, and given the tragedy that had occurred in the street, Florida Road was an easy choice to execute the launch.

“The two LPR (licence plate recognitio­n) and overview cameras will play a huge part in assisting security teams and the SAPS to create a safer Florida Road for now, and (will be) a major step forward in creating a much broader ‘safe city’ rollout,” he said.

Each camera would be monitored in real time in their Neon oversight centre, and would alert the security teams on the ground to any suspect or unwanted vehicles that entered the precinct.

He said they would finally have the intelligen­ce to fight crime more effectivel­y, along with the support of the SAPS, Business Against Crime, and the E2 initiative. “We truly believe we will sharply reduce the levels of crime affecting our communitie­s,” said Connolly.

He added that Vumacam was licensed to erect poles in public spaces and on the sides of streets, as had been done in Sandton.

Connolly said their plan was to erect hundreds of poles throughout Durban. The Daily News has previously reported that the security company that launched Safe City is an initiative spearheade­d by Vumacam.

During the launch, Connolly said crime would be tackled through the use of its technology. Vumacam supported private security companies and public law enforcemen­t agencies through enabling technology that was a powerful tool when combined with on-theground response teams, he said.

“Vumacam has recently started to roll out CCTV pole and camera infrastruc­ture in ethekwini, with plans to ultimately install approximat­ely 2 400 cameras across the city.

“The smart camera network will cover strategic areas across the municipali­ty – the suburbs, strategic arterial routes, critical public infrastruc­ture, and other areas that have recently been targeted by criminals,” he said.

He added: “Our next-generation oversight network, Neon, has positioned us perfectly to partner with Vumacam, offering a smarter, more efficient approach, and the ability to offer our clients a level of security unpreceden­ted in the security industry.”

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