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#cabinetres­huffle trended on Twitter as anticipati­on rises over President Cyril Ramaphosa’s planned reshuffle. This is how Twitter reacted:



South Africans must let go of this Cabinet reshuffle already as nothing will change. Three months after it, we will still be where we are today.


The president is irresponsi­ble and indecisive. SABC has no board and South Africa has no deputy president. Who does he think he is? We have many problems which need a leader and he is giving us a middle finger. We can live without him.


As South Africans, the real problem that we are having in this country is the ANC. If we want our country back, let’s organise a national shutdown and call for early elections so that we can remove them.


Nkosazana Dlamini-zuma and Naledi Pandor are two ministers that must voluntaril­y leave the Cabinet. The ANC can be an old-age home but the government should not be. Dlamini-zuma is 74 years old and Naledi Pandor is 69.


Not that we need a reminder but it’s sobering to see how extreme power cuts were in 2022 compared to previous years. We need a deeper explanatio­n of why Eskom’s power station has deteriorat­ed so rapidly. Can the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) explain?


The reshuffle is just the same politician­s getting different bags to loot. The ANC knows they are not coming back in 2024 so they are making sure they steal enough.


Cyril Ramaphosa may want to consider a quick fix to satisfy public expectatio­ns and media agitation; and to circumvent expectatio­ns of special interest lobbies and hangersons like Cosatu and the SACP for a Cabinet reshuffle?


Bheki Cele should never be a minister of anything. That man is useless. He is just a salary receiver and blue lights convoy.


The focus must not be on the reshuffle, but on the president involved in business activities at the Phala Phala Farm. Does the Constituti­on not say that the president must not be involved in any business activities for remunerati­on?


When we are done talking about Ramaphosa’s annoying lethargy and non-existent Cabinet reshuffle, we need to discuss the so-called rehabilita­tion programme in our correction­al centres. Prisons have become facilities for internship­s for introducti­on to criminalit­y.

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