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Kay Sibiya responds to his baby mama’s rape allegation­s

- KEDIBONE MODISE kedibone.modise@inl.co.za

KAY Sibiya says he never raped nor assaulted his former lover, Zookey Zarling.

In a series of videos and Facebook posts, Zarling accused Sibiya of drugging and raping her, which resulted in her falling pregnant with their daughter.

Sibiya has since issued a statement denying the allegation­s. He also confirmed that he has opened a case of defamation and false accusation­s against Zarling.

The Imbewu star referred to Zarling’s accusation­s as “outrageous and malicious”. He added that he believes she is trying to ruin his reputation.

“I have noted the malicious and defaming utterances that have been made by Ms Z Vuthela on social media, implicatin­g my name.

“Serious accusation­s of rape and assault have been made against me by the mother of my first-born child,” read Sibiya’s statement shared on his social media pages this week.

“The truth is, I did not rape nor assault Miss Zukisawa ‘Zookey Zarling’ Vuthela at any time.

“In a country where GBV is so prevalent with women being raped and even murdered on a daily basis, I find accusation­s levelled against me to be highly irresponsi­ble, with the intent to cause unjustifie­d harm to an innocent person.

“The South African justice system will handle this case, and ultimately, in the end, the truth shall prevail.”

Zarling wrote an “open letter” to Sibiya, which she shared on her Facebook page.

She wrote: “This is my story and the truth about my daughter Zia-mia, how I was raped then she was conceived ... Telling it myself I’ve been quiet about it for the longest time. How he was sent to kill me.

“First he drugged and raped me, and then when I woke up, I found an expired condom inside of me.”

In the open letter, Zarling also alleged that Sibiya hired hit men to kill her.

“So now I do not care even if they try again to kill me when I tell my story.

“You have failed to kill me ... I got to share drinks, nezinkabi (hit men) you sent to take me out and told the woman you claimed I kidnapped Zia how to go to hell just because you were more than willing to make Zia stupid and abuse her while acting like a good father to get your Generation­s gig.

“This is not an exposé. But a plea for my child to grow with the dignity she deserves and not in a shadow of a man that keeps destroying her name and dignity” (sic).

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Kay Sibiya. | Instagram

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