Sorry, Gi­gaba, you are not pres­i­den­tial ma­te­rial

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Gi­gaba, like oth­ers in the ANC, blames pol­i­tics and peo­ple be­ing af­ter them when cor­rup­tion claims are lev­elled against them. Gi­gaba is guilty; his fa­cial ex­pres­sions tell a story. He is a man of loose eth­i­cal stan­dards and must go. He is not pres­i­dent ma­te­rial as he claims.

Par­lia­ment is a dis­grace… sies. Now I know why or­di­nary peo­ple are so ar­ro­gant and rude. What ex­am­ple are Mem­bers of Par­lia­ment set­ting? Zero, I’d say. It’s dis­heart­en­ing to watch what’s tak­ing place in Par­lia­ment. Race be­ing picked on, swear­ing, fight­ing, no re­spect… South Africa is no rain­bow na­tion… it’s only a dream.


Gle­nash­ley and parts of La Lu­cia blitzed again with bomb fire­works. What hope is there for South Africa when the po­lice hide away when peo­ple break the law in plain sight? I have lost all re­spect for them. They have failed to do their duty. |

The ex­plod­ing big bang fire­works must cause peo­ple to re­flect whether it is nec­es­sary to con­tinue th­ese re­li­gious cel­e­bra­tions. Fire­works are an in­ven­tion of man; no ar­gu­ment can ever be made that God in­tended it to be part of cel­e­bra­tion. No an­i­mal has ever ver­bally com­plained, there­fore we can­not say it dis­turbs an­i­mals. I am com­plain­ing that this big bang mad­ness ev­ery year must end and only sky dis­plays be al­lowed. | SAM

Thank you, res­i­dents of Um­bilo. Your Guy Fawkes (Bon­fire Night) cel­e­bra­tions were al­most non-ex­is­tent. Pos­si­bly due to the storm. Now if big bangs of other cel­e­bra­tions could also be muted, life would be mer­rier. | Linda

To Dur­ban Metro Po­lice, all city by-laws should be en­forced through­out the year, not only in times of fes­tiv­i­ties… How is it pos­si­ble to find the re­sources only dur­ing th­ese times and not daily when the city by-laws are be­ing trans­gressed, traf­fic of­fences, uri­nat­ing in pub­lic, loud mu­sic, speed­ing, taxis ob­struct­ing traf­fic flow, taxis stop­ping in the mid­dle of the road, lit­ter­ing, jay­walk­ing, taxis driv­ing con­tra flow, taxis cut­ting in front from non-turn­ing lanes, ve­hi­cles re­vers­ing on na­tional roads to avoid road­blocks and traf­fic con­ges­tion, ve­hi­cles driv­ing with­out num­ber plates? If I as an or­di­nary ci­ti­zen can see th­ese of­fences daily, why can’t you? I put it to you that you are afraid of the taxis as­so­ci­a­tions and any­one else who breaks the laws.

If Di­wali is the fes­ti­val of lights... Why do fire­works have to be used? Why can’t fairy lights be strung up, tea-light can­dles lit or maybe a small con­trolled fire?

Di­wali in Hil­lary was like a war zone of note. The big bangs were so loud they set off my se­cu­rity alarm which I even­tu­ally had to leave dis­armed. The noise con­tin­ued till af­ter 10pm. How did po­lice at the po­lice sta­tion nearby not hear this and put a stop to it? Be­fore any­one takes of­fence, I place on record I never sup­port the use of fire­works, nei­ther do I cel­e­brate Guy Fawkes/ New Year/Xmas and the like. The noise was hor­ren­dous and the law en­forcers did noth­ing.


I think we should send a com­plaint to the DA ad­min­is­tra­tion in Cape Town for send­ing all th­ese shiv­er­ing cold fronts up to us here in KZN. Lol! | Mike.

No­ticed this week that the bak­eries have jumped the price of white bread by 50% from R10 to R15 over the past few months. This is go­ing to put a big bur­den on pen­sion­ers and poorer fam­i­lies.

What on earth... pu­ri­fy­ing sewage wa­ter for hu­man con­sump­tion? Can one 100% pu­rify sewage wa­ter? I don’t think so. Our gov­ern­ment is lazy or they ate tax­pay­ers’ money to build catch­ment cen­tres along­side the coast­line, be­fore it flows into the ocean. Why are you talk­ing about de­sali­na­tion – a costly af­fair? Catch the wa­ter be­fore it goes into the ocean, then pu­rify it and then pump it back into peo­ple’s homes. Us­ing sewage wa­ter is dis­gust­ing and causes sick­ness. Please, gov­ern­ment, wake up.

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