Drinkers de­velop unique ways to deal with those hideous hang­overs, some even hit­ting the gym


ONE minute you’re slosh­ing a whiskey sour about as you dance, en­joy­ing the per­fect light buzz of al­co­hol. The next, some­body’s yelling, “Shots!”, and be­fore you know it, you’re in the taxi head­ing home, hav­ing left your cell­phone and dig­nity be­hind at the club.

We’ve all been there, wak­ing up the next morn­ing with a pound­ing headache and the in­de­scrib­able sen­sa­tion that the sun is “too loud” as light streams through the blinds.

After enough nights out, we de­velop our own ways of deal­ing with a hang­over.

Here are some favourites: “After a night out, I have to eat some­thing spicy. Hot wings or a shawarma doused in hot sauce is usu­ally my go-to. I don’t nor­mally crave spicy food; this only hap­pens after I’ve had a few drinks. Also lots and lots of ice cold wa­ter the morn­ing after,” a 26-year-old from Dur­ban said.

A 36-year-old, also from Dur­ban, begs to dif­fer, say­ing al­co­hol and spicy foods don’t mix well for her. “The burn of al­co­hol paired with spicy food is enough to in­duce an ul­cer. For me, good old fash­ioned ce­real with milk and a sweet cup of Milo (I add a few ex­tra spoons) al­ways helps to set­tle my stom­ach.”

Tak­ing to In­sta­gram to find more crazy cures, a med­i­cal stu­dent from Cape Town said an egg with av­o­cado on toast is just what he needs after a rough night out. “It’s rich in fat and pro­tein and goes down a treat.”

If the thought of in­gest­ing solids makes your stom­ach turn, a med­i­cal in­tern from Cape Town has just the so­lu­tion for you: “Be­rocca with one litre of oral re­hy­dra­tion so­lu­tion. It’s sim­i­lar to how we treat de­hy­drated ba­bies in pae­di­atrics and works like a charm.” Grease is the way to go for a per­sonal trainer, 23, from Jo­han­nes­burg: “Greasy bar food, prefer­ably any­thing sold in a bas­ket – fried chicken and chips – just un­healthy, deep fried stuff. The morn­ing after how­ever, the first thing I put in my sys­tem is wa­ter, with a pinch of pink salt. Then, after a run and sweat­ing it all out, I have a few slices of cold wa­ter­melon.”

If none of the above suits your hang­over needs, try hit­ting the gym. An au­dit clerk, 24, from Dur­ban said: “I had a heavy night of drink­ing with a friend. The next morn­ing, he dragged my a** to gym. I re­ally didn’t want to go, but went in­side, started train­ing and be­gan to feel good. I then spent 20 min­utes in the sauna and felt like a com­pletely dif­fer­ent man. This is the cure and the peo­ple of South Africa need to know it. It’s bet­ter than any­thing else I’ve ever tried.”

But, as al­ways, the best cure for a hang­over is not to overdo it. A der­ma­tol­o­gist, 26, from Pi­eter­mar­itzburg said: “My cure is to avoid drink­ing in the first place. But, if you do drink, just stay away from tequila; it’ll give you the worst hang­over you’ve ever had.”

Shawarma, wa­ter­melon, fried chicken, eggs, avo, and ce­real are a few hang­over ‘cures’ peo­ple swear by.

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