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So­raya Che­maly’s new book, Rage Be­comes Her (Jonathan Ball, R285), has been aptly de­scribed as “a bat­tle cry for women’s right to rage” and should be es­sen­tial read­ing for all. Award-win­ning writer and ac­tivist Che­maly uses sci­en­tific re­search, in-depth in­ter­views and per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ences to in­ves­ti­gate why women the world over are ex­pected to keep their anger silent and their rage in check.

This trans­for­ma­tive book is a ral­ly­ing call to women to not only un­der­stand their anger, but em­brace it and use it as a tool for pos­i­tive change. That in­cludes anger trig­gered by ex­pe­ri­ences such as be­ing over­looked, over­worked, un­der­paid, con­de­scended to or judged.

For too long, women have been told to grin and bear it, keep it in­side and re­main lady-like. But chan­nel­ing their anger in­wards causes it to man­i­fest as tear­ful­ness, de­pres­sion and even sick­ness. Che­maly shares this fright­en­ing fact: “Women are three times more likely than men to de­velop dis­abling and painful auto-im­mune ill­nesses, those in which the body. . . at­tacks it­self by pro­duc­ing self-dam­ag­ing an­ti­bod­ies.” She of­fers 10 use­ful strate­gies for chan­nel­ing one’s anger and us­ing it pro­duc­tively.

This is one book you need to read. –

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