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The best skin is dewy, but the ef­fects of the sun and omit­ting your usual skin­care rou­tine while away on hol­i­day can wreak havoc on it. Keep your face fresh and hy­drated by stick­ing to a four-step hy­drat­ing regime while you’re away: ton­ing, con­cen­trat­ing hy­dra­tion, mois­tur­is­ing and spritz­ing.

Tone: Use a calm­ing and hy­drat­ing toner af­ter cleans­ing to bal­ance your skin’s pH and soothe any in­flam­ma­tion caused by scrub­bing, which may cause skin to flake.

Con­cen­trate: Ap­ply­ing a con­cen­trated hy­drat­ing serum is the best way to re­store and re­plen­ish your skin’s mois­ture. It pre­vents the evap­o­ra­tion of water from the skin and in­fuses it with mois­ture for a hy­dra­tion boost.

Mois­turise: Never skip this step! If you’re look­ing to re­tain all the hy­drated good­ness in your skin, then seal­ing it in with a mois­turiser to pre­vent the dry­ing ef­fects of sun and wind is es­sen­tial. Look for 24-hour bar­rier pro­tec­tion when choos­ing a mois­turiser so that you don’t need to top up.

Spritz: Few prod­ucts are as fun and ef­fec­tive to use as a hy­drat­ing spray. It im­me­di­ately al­le­vi­ates the tight­ness caused by dry skin and gives your face a hit of nour­ish­ing mois­ture.


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