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There’s noth­ing wrong with your SPF, you say – but is it mat­ti­fy­ing, anti-age­ing and non-come­do­genic?

Slap­ping on sun­screen has taken on new mean­ing in the age of sci­en­tif­i­cally im­proved beauty, when it’s re­quired to do more than sim­ply pro­tect your skin from harm­ful so­lar rays. As the most im­por­tant prod­uct to go into your beach bag this sum­mer, it’s worth pay­ing for a sun­screen that also pro­tects your skin and ad­dresses its prob­lems. Oily skin? Try a mat­ti­fy­ing sun­screen that won’t leave a white residue. Prone to red­ness and ir­ri­ta­tion? Pro­tect your skin with al­lergy-al­le­vi­at­ing sun­screens that soothe. Want to im­prove skin tone? Anti-blem­ish, cor­rec­tive sun­screens are for you.


Kiehl’s Ul­tra-Light Daily UV De­fense SPF50, R610

Vichy Anti-Im­per­fec­tions Anti-Blem­ishes Mat­ti­fy­ing Cor­rec­tive Care SPF30, R285

Eau Ther­male Avène Anti-Age­ing Sun Cream SPF50+, R230

RVB SKINLAB Diego Dalla Palma Sun Shine DNA Smart Pro­tec­tion Milk Spray SPF50, R595

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