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Netball play­ers from across the prov­ince de­scended on Som­er­set Col­lege for the tri­als for the South­ern Stings teams on Sat­ur­day 10 Fe­bru­ary.

From the more than 300 play­ers el­i­gi­ble to play, a to­tal of 69 play­ers were in­vited to at­tend the tri­als, held to se­lect a squad of 33 play­ers.

The South­ern Stings will be play­ing in the Bru­tal Fruit Premier League and matches are broad­cast on tele­vi­sion.

Ev­ery year, the team’s man­age­ment host tal­ent iden­ti­fi­ca­tion devel­op­ment camps, from which play­ers are in­vited to at­tend tri­als.

The fi­nal team will be named af­ter an­other round of tri­als in Paarl this week­end. Only 15 play­ers will be se­lected to don the colours of the Souther Stings in the Bru­tal Fruit se­ries.

Vivi­enne Wil­liams, South­ern Stings man­ager, said un­for­tu­nately Cape Town will not play host to any games this year. All matches will be played in Johannesbu­rg and Bloem­fontein from Fri­day 11 May to Sat­ur­day 30 June.

“The South­ern Stings will en­gage with play­ers at road shows and schools are wel­come to con­tact us for any coach­ing clin­ics,” Wil­liams said.

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The­ South­ern­ Stings­ man­age­ment­ team­ (from­ left)­ are­ Dan­lee­ Mathews­ (as­sis­tant­ coach),­ An­neliLu­cas­ (head­ coach),­ Vivi­enne­ Wil­liams­ (man­ager),­ and­ Ni­co­lene­ Martin­ (sta­tis­ti­cal­ coach).

Jon­nileigh­ Wil­liams­ (right),­ a­ Netball­ SouthAfric­a­ um­pire­ from­ Strand,­ over­saw­ some­ of­ the­trial matches

Caleigh­ Stu­art­ (left)­ and­ Donna-Lee­ Saay­man­from­ Strand­ par­tic­i­pated­ in­ the­ tri­als­ atSom­er­set Col­lege

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