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‘Dog walk­ers, be more con­sid­er­ate to oth­ers’

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With lock­down it is a joy to get out of the house for a walk nowa­days.

That joy is quickly turned off when one walks along the Strand Beach walk­way and dog poo lies in your way. You con­stantly have to look down to dodge the land­mines and jog­gers dis­trib­ute the poo for me­tres along the path­way.

I am glad if it rains, then it gets washed away. As the sea­son is mov­ing along, the rain will be less and the dog poo will be dry­ing out. More peo­ple and dogs will be out and about, and it can get crowded, es­pe­cially when you try to avoid the land­mines.

It is so in­con­sid­er­ate of dog walk­ers, even those with the fancy leashes, not to walk with a scoop and clean up the mess. Not ev­ery­body has a mud­room or stoep to put their soiled tekkies on be­fore en­ter­ing their homes.

Be con­sid­er­ate.

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