District Mail : 2020-08-06



18 PLAASLIKE NUUS KUNS & LEEFSTYL ARTS & LIFESTYLE 6 Augustus 2020 Schoolgirl’s acting dream ignited BERG SEE PINKSTER™ Staan op, Staan vas, Staan uit KOM KUIER | KOM WORD DEEL Phiwo Mothemela gathering much-needed courage, I decided to enter. I was so nervous.” Lauren recited a poem entitled which she sent through as her virtual entry. The Strand resident had never anticipate­d things would take such an unexpected turn, but seeing a friend chosen to join the competitio­n motivated her to enter. It is a move she initially kept from her family, for fear of jinxing her prospectiv­e inclusion. On Wednesday 15 July, Lauren’s leap of faith paid off and she received positive feedback from “I really didn’t think that I would be chosen. I recall the emotions when receiving the message that I had also been chosen.” Although she liked the idea of acting, Lauren had until then not given much thought to being in the entertainm­ent industry herself and working with acclaimed actors. “I am feeling a lot of emotions, but I am happy and excited to be part of the team,” she said. Like the other aspiring actors Lauren will be required to submit work on monthly. This comprises guidelines and tips, which she has to interpret and submit. Following that, the group will be included in a theatre film to be shot later. Lauren cites her “strong” grandmothe­r, Frauwiena Adonis, as her role-model. “My gandmother runs a soup kitchen once a week and I have always helped her, which is what sparked my love and passion for social work.” STRAND – Another local teenager has been chosen to participat­e in the online drama competitio­n Lauren Wentzel, a matric learner at Gordon High School, will join other aspiring actors in a mentorship programme with artists from popular KykNet soapies and Psalm 23:2 Hy laat my neerlê in groen weivelde “Sy is Tevrede”, SpeelTonee­l. Herder: Past. Riaan Hart Sel 083 785 9868 Sondae: 09:30 vm (Kinderkerk tydens dienstyd) Disastr 34 Gordonsbaa­i, Kerkkantoo­r: 076 529 6569 Binnelande­rs Suidooster. www.bergseepin­kster.co.za Almal Welkom After much contemplat­ion about the direction she would be taking post-matric, the 18-yearold had considered studying towards a bachelor’s degree in social work. But Lauren’s plans to send her applicatio­ns to universiti­es and colleges was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “I then came across a link while browsing through Facebook and saw there was a competitio­n,” she recalled. “After 0129P87--L6060820 SpeelTonee­l. Radio KC Tel: 021 871 1438 Website: www. Radiokc.org.za Day Women’s MESSAGE: “The truth is: Belonging starts with selfaccept­ance. Your level of belonging, in fact, can never be greater than your level of selfaccept­ance, because believing that you're enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic, vulnerable and imperfect.” Brene Brown The month of August is dedicated to women, by SAWIT (Women in Wine), KWV Foundation, 1000Women, Valcare (Proteas of the Valley), ALC, and Drakenstei­n Foodbank KC EDUCATES, INFORMS, ENTERTAINS, 24/7, 365 DAYS RADIO KC THE SOUND THAT SETS YOU FREE. 000000-PL060820 68--828-0PL797217