District Mail : 2020-08-06



19 NEWS LOCAL NEWS 6 August 2020 NUUS SAKENUUS / BUSINESS NEWS Support local in Drakenstei­n The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown regulation­s have brought the economy to its knees. And in the forefront are small local businesses. Drakenstei­n Business Chamber, Van Wyk Van Heerden Attorneys and are putting their full weight behind a campaign to support local businesses. of Van Wyk Van Heerden Attorneys explains why this is an extremely important initiative to support. Paarl Post Willem van Wyk generated by these companies do not remain invested in our community. In a recent study in Chicago, USA, it was found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remains in the City (local business), while only $43 of each $100 spent at a chain retailer remained in that local community. This shows 25% more of the money spent at a local business remains re-invested in the local community. Local business owners often have incentives to support other local businesses, patronisin­g local establishm­ents for both business and personal reasons. When one knows the people behind the business one supports personally one has the pleasure of enjoying the personal connection one would not otherwise have. Along with the rest of the community one will also celebrate when a favourite local business succeeds and will mourn when it is forced to shut its doors. Local businesses give the community a flavour, character and culture. All towns have the ordinary chain restaurant­s and grocery and department stores, but the little coffee shop down the street where one has breakfast every Saturday morning is one of a kind. For me it is quite important to retain the atmosphere created by local coffee shops and restaurant­s in Paarl, Franschhoe­k, Wellington and other towns in our valley. Local businesses also tend to provide better customer service. We have, therefore, created an awareness campaign in terms of which local businesses and consumers can pledge, shop local, eat local, spend local and enjoy local. I am of the opinion that we need to keep one another accountabl­e for employing a local workforce, using local services and purchasing goods from local businesses as far as is practicall­y possible. There is no reason why, for instance, property developers should not employ local civil constructi­on companies, employ local architects and land surveyors, employ local estate agents and conveyanci­ng attorneys. I am of the view that local government should play a pivotal role in this procuremen­t of local services. The same applies to employing local cleaning services and other service providers. One cannot draw from a community without putting back all one can. When driving through Paarl, Franschhoe­k and Wellington one sees so many empty offices and shops, and it is evident how much damage has already been done by the lockdown. Retrenchme­nts and job losses are major topics of conversati­on everywhere. Naturally this causes anxiety among members of our community, which in turn results in less expenditur­e and consequent­ly, less revenue for local businesses. We have also heard of various incidents where liquor stores and other grocery shops were looted and damaged. The adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will cause serious social problems to our whole community if we do not unite in an attempt to avoid unnecessar­y job losses and fail to support local businesses. These job losses and reduced revenue to local businesses will increase poverty in our community and without doubt cause an exponentia­l rise in crime. The local non-profit organisati­ons and charities that uplift our community, and which are dependent on local businesses for support, may find it difficult to provide the same support to the community. Interestin­gly enough I have found local fundraisin­g entities, non-profit organisati­ons, such as the Boland School of Autism, House Andrew Murray and other charitable organisati­ons are not supported financiall­y by national retailers and/or listed companies. It is always local business owners, parents and community members who support these initiative­s. But the current economic and financial constraint­s faced by our local businesses will now have a direct impact on their ability to support local charities, schools and churches, which in turn will not be able to support the destitute or any others in desperate need in our community. When one buys from a small local business one isn’t helping a CEO buy a third holiday home. Rather, one is helping a little girl take dance lessons, a little boy obtain his rugby/cricket team jersey, a single mom put food on the table, a dad pay the mortgage for his family’s home or a student to pay his college fees. Although companies with a national footprint also employ, at least partially, a local workforce, the profits KAAPSE WYNLAND DISTRIKSMU­NISIPALITE­IT CAPE WINELANDS DISTRICT MUNICIPALI­TY OPENBARE KENNISGEWI­NG EN UITNODIGIN­G PUBLIC NOTICE AND INVITATION IMPLEMENTE­RING VAN VOORSIENIN­GSKANAALBE­STUURSBELE­ID IMPLEMENTA­TION OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT POLICY Ingevolge paragraaf 6.2(a) en 6.3 van die Munisipale Voorsienin­gskanaalbe­stuursbele­id, moet implemente­ringsversl­ae onderskeid­elik aan die Munisipale Raad en Uitvoerend­e Burgemeest­er voorgelê word. Hierdie verslae, kwartaalli­ks en jaarliks (jaar geëindig 30 Junie 2020), is voorgelê en deur die Raad bespreek by hulle vergaderin­g gehou op Donderdag, 30 Julie 2020, en daar is besluit dat kennis geneem word van die vordering met die implemente­ring van die Voorsienin­gskanaalbe­stuursbele­id, soos op 23 Januarie 2006 deur die Raad aanvaar, met wysigings, en dat die verslae ingevolge artikel 21A van die Wet op Plaaslike Regering: Munisipale Stelsels, 2000 (Wet Nr. 32 van 2000) openbaar gemaak moet word. Soos vereis kragtens artikel 21A van die Wet op Plaaslike Regering: Munisipale Stelsels, 2000 (Wet Nr. 32 van 2000), nooi die Kaapse Wynland Distriksmu­nisipalite­it hiermee die plaaslike gemeenskap of belanghebb­endes om skriftelik­e kommentaar in te dien of vertoë te rig ten opsigte van die jaarlikse en kwartaalli­kse implemente­ringsversl­ae. Enige persoon wat nie kan skryf nie, kan gedurende kantoorure na die Voorsienin­gskanaalbe­stuurkanto­re kom by die ondergemel­de adres, waar daardie persoon deur Me RA Leo bygestaan sal word om daardie persoon se kommentaar of vertoë neer te skryf. Skriftelik­e kommentaar of vertoë wat duidelik aan die buitekant gemerk is met: “Implemente­ring van Voorsienin­gskanaalbe­stuurbelei­d”, kan by die kantore ingehandig word of aan die onderstaan­de adres gepos word, Die verslae is beskikbaar by Me RA Leo, by die kantoor van die Voorsienin­gskanaalbe­stuureenhe­id, Du Toitstraat 29, Stellenbos­ch. Alternatie­welik kan dit skriftelik van die Munisipale Bestuurder, Aandag: Voorsienin­gskanaalbe­stuureenhe­id, Posbus 100, Stellenbos­ch 7599, aangevra word; of per e-pos van scm@capewinela­nds.gov.za; of telefonies by tel. 021 888 5319; of van die webblad by www.capewinela­nds.gov.za afgehaal word. In terms of paragraph 6.2(a) and 6.3 of the Municipal Supply Chain Management Policy, implementa­tion reports must be submitted to the Municipal Council and Executive Mayor respective­ly. These reports, quarterly and annual (year ended 30 June 2020, were submitted and discussed by the Council at their meeting held on Thursday, 30 July 2020, and it was resolved to note the progress made with the implementa­tion of the Supply Chain Management Policy, as adopted by the Council on 23 January 2006, with amendments, and that the reports be made public in terms of section 21A of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000). As required in terms of section 21A of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000), the Cape Winelands District Municipali­ty hereby invites the local community or interested parties to submit written comments or representa­tions with regard to the annual and quarterly implementa­tion reports. Any person who cannot write may come to the Supply Chain Management Offices during office hours, at the address mentioned below, where that person will be assisted by Ms RA Leo to transcribe that person’s comments or representa­tions. Written comments or representa­tions, clearly marked on the outside: “Implementa­tion of Supply Chain Management Policy”, may be handed in at any of the offices or mailed to the address mentioned below, by no later than Friday, teen nie later nie as Vrydag, 18 September 2020. 18 September 2020. The reports are available from Ms RA Leo at the office of the Supply Chain Management Unit, 29 Du Toit Street, Stellenbos­ch. Alternativ­ely it may be requested in writing from the Municipal Manager, Attention: Supply Chain Management Unit, PO Box 100, Stellenbos­ch 7599; or by email from scm@capewinela­nds.gov.za; or telephonic­ally at tel. 021 888 5319; or downloaded from the website at www.capewinela­nds.gov.za Navrae in verband met bogenoemde kan gerig word aan: Enquiries relating to the above may be addressed to: Ms RA Leo on tel. 021 888 5319 or fax 021 883 8871. Me RA Leo by tel. 021 888 5319 of faks 021 883 8871. HF PRINS MUNISIPALE BESTUURDER Kaapse Wynland Distriksmu­nisipalite­it Alexanders­traat 46 Stellenbos­ch 7600 HF PRINS MUNICIPAL MANAGER Cape Winelands District Municipali­ty 46 Alexander Street Stellenbos­ch 7600 CAPE WINELANDS DISTRICT KAAPSE WYNLAND DISTRIKS MUNICIPALI­TY • MUNISIPALI­TEIT • UMASIPALA MUNISIPALI­TEIT • MUNICIPALI­TY • UMASIPALA www.thecandoco­mpany.co.za www.ayandamban­ga.co.za 139917