District Mail : 2020-08-06



29 CLASSIFIED­S LOCAL NEWS 6 August 2020 GEKLASSIFI­SEERD ERSASE MNSHCE Well establishe­d DOG GROOMING PARLOR looking for an CSNCOECKAC­B DOLLICO AMMHE RTRAM INGMRNM D.rTrd -Trd 1HCgl)( snususuufq­ueqpc t4m )d.h,d, Tr nuu M-dhl.r)TTrc FTt.rmlc q7u7 Tl, ,hd, ml r4d 7u ISLD 7unq( LARSEO,R OEFEOEMCE MTLBEOY 1oo:e18o1:a Cdarm).Tl,b)d,hrm).T)d4d)da25h dllmrhbdrm-m,5dr4dh)b-Thi.Tl,oT2r4dh),dar.Trr4d6l,d)idlrhmld, Trrm)ld2. thr4hl r4h)r2 1sup ,T2.c T. 8)mi r4d q ASESNO 7u7u( with references. E R BOIaTAUh AccVaUIf AUH IeIE,cVah dVa&cIa g &cIfU OUEmh TOcEMISS MV,&Ih l9 TOcEMISS &caIIch WV BVe irrh MIaTAU,&h n.rr ATll GWnnifWr on 071 321 8629 00000000-HL060820 0000000-DP060820 LEGALS: FIRST / FINAL NOTICES ANTHONY BERTRAM TANNER, NOTICE .. MERLE JASMINE MAURICE In the Gstate of the Late Identity Number 480226 5078 08 4, who resided at 8 Sugarbird Street, Hemel-en-Aarde Gstate, Hermanus and who died on 16 October 2018. In th eE state of th ela te Identity Number 391007 0116 08 9, married according to the law sof Zimbabwe, who wa so rdinarily resident at 323 Sixth Street ,V oëlklip, HERMANUS, Estat eN umber: who died on 12 August 2019. The First and Final Liquidatio­n and Distributi­on Account in th eab ov eE state will lie fo rin spectio na tth e Office of th eMa ster of the High Court ,Ca p eT own and a tth e Office of th el ocal Magistrat ea t Hermanus fo ra period of days from 7 August 2020. 015160/2019, (Estate No. 20864/2018) The Hirst and Hinal Liquidatio­n and Eistributi­on Account in the abovementi­oned estate will lie for inspection at the Office of the Master of the High Dourt, Dape Town and the Magistrate’s Office, Hermanus for a period of 21 (Twenty-One) days from 7 August 2020. 21 (twenty one) .. BURGERS AND VAN NOORDWYK ATTORNEYS, ATTORNEY FOR THE EXECUTOR, P O Box 50, HERMANUS, 7200 (Ref: ISVN/ip/M664B) TRCVOR SCDOUW, agent for the Cxecutrix, c/o Adams Schouw & Cain 2 Inc, 9 Hitchell Street, Dermanus, 7200. 000000-HL060820 EEEEEE-HL060820 @gNQCQcCaQf­Y JN:P:QVQN: @gNQeQcCaQf­NQf UIOEIS i/3/32p2020 / NO///2020e TVRRMa AOE EIMNYISa PK A ENLLISMPAE­IS 2UMBu T: (022) 701 7000 • F: (022) 715 1518 mun@sbm.gov.za • • www.sbm.gov.za UIOEIST @/flf/fcy/f7yfuf85/)1 f/zn:fq/)zn8f/ 5)/ulf yqqoy@p88fonzf/y)5@8niif/o)@8f/e@ qf:nh:@un)p s fu)yunpulf SVANCI 0Uh7ghr O i/3/32p2020 / NO//p2020e Tu33.y c gh.(vhry l b t2e00 Bn8 e np f@of8 fpzfo)qf e :of@/oy 1@/9f8 1y ucfqo@:f8npulfufp­8f/c)x@uulfLypn:nq@oPg:f e.vJf/9Su/ffueQn9fuc­f/ip)o@uf/ul@p 0lfp ulf cn8 0noo cf )qfpf8 np qycon:s g(oohr. bghr”8 7 Kr(gby8 2i Auoust 2020 y"y"ty"y( ZIRVNCI EIONVIRY ASE B&ELIA NRWOIRISAA­ANVS WOAS (ZEBNW)8 WIRKVRRASC­I ALRIIRISAZ VK AMI R&SNCNWAO RASALIR ASE ZISNVR RASALIRZ ENRICAOY ACCV&SAABOI AV AMI R&SNCNWAO RASALIR KVR AMI y"y"ty"y( KNSASCNAO YIAR E):y1fpu @p8 qf:nh:@un)p ul@u:)pu@npulf1npn1­y1/f7yn/f1fpu @/f@z@no@cof)pBf/i/nznf/Lypn:nq@onuy6 0fc nuf )/ )p /f7yf u @u @ 5/)1 L s Rfzf8y Gfp8/n:9 @u ufos p)s ’0wwr (.v t0vt )/ lfp8/n:9 /bcf/i1yps)/isz@ 8y/npi )g:f l)y/ s Aoo uf:lpn:@o fp7yn/nf :@p cf @88/f f8 u) L/s an9y By/if/ @u ufos p)s ’0wwr (.v t000 )/ fm1@nod cy/if/0bcf/i1yps)/isz@s 2wwwy:hroru7y royzbu 7 7prhlu7gb:.h lhh l Sn0y00 M1xlCe l3 ieteBu hl3e9 l9 xetn3 15 3eCxl193 gyqyrqVr V9d gyqyrqBr 15 xie I1CVm F13et9ne9x, Lt9lCl.Vm El9V9Ce LV9Vhene9x ACx qLELAr 0wwy qACx M1s gu 15 0wwyr xiVx xie 0w0wv0w0p T1. 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M. R5tt95/ Za9da1ma Bay R01nen)a9nty (7 Ran1 Rpad V/5d51b0/i 734" :.bd) Ppoy cn8 :)1qofuf8 np np9 )p ulf )/ninp@o Bn8 8):y1fpu@un)p 0noo cf @::fquf8s I@ufe np:)1qofuf )/ Bn8 yc1nuuf8 cy5@: n1nof)/f1@no0noop)ucf@::fquf8s Q/))5)5 yc1nuunpi@Bn80noop)ucf@::fquf8@ q/))5)5ulfBn8l@znpicffp /f:fnzf8s TlfLypn:nq@onuyn p)u)conif8u)@::fquulfo)0f u)/@pyBn8 yc1nuuf8u)nusTlfLypn:nq@onuy/f f/zf ulf /nilu u) @::fqu @py Bn8 np 5yoo )/ np q@/us NVONCNRAM PKKNCIT t3 CMVSCM TUSIIU RNLIUBISL 7320 NL///2020 AEYy MAOMNI MNOEI NVONCNRAM NAOALIS 06 Auoust 2020 EEEEEE-DW060820 EEEEEE-DW060820 BOEDELKENN­ISGEWING ESTATE NOTICE VACANCY BULLETIN ROLIID OAGDMED HACFDISED 1Ebci/g/2 I3hVc( 83u3tt uunt u: .pa Lm rge F.r@re 98 rge M@re A SOFT FRUIT FARM IN HERMANUS HAS THE FOLLOWING VACANCY: @ 6ml@))hed 1em.h9me) wg9 )e.hded @r Ie)hled M@m5eB@@m Rerh)elemr ahii@5e: S688)em Sr)eer: M@m5eB@@m @md wg9 dhed 9m of PCr9Be) 72on AlYnYPLl EursS GrLPtYtYon­Sr (AEG) EXCITING OPPORTUNIT­Y FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Reporting to the Human Resources Manager 1D)/T/c i3hVc(Y nll.:rtunlp MAMRE COMMUNITY DAY CENTRE Tge Gh).r @md Ghm@i Mh(6hd@rh9m @md Eh.r)hB6rh9m ACC96mr hm rge @B9/e F.r@re whii ihe 89) hm.1eCrh9m 89) @ 1e)h9d 98 hm rge 988hCe. 98 rge N@.re) 98 rge Jh5g D96)r D@1e T9wm @md rge N@5h.r)@re J91e8heid @. 8)9l d@re 98 16BihC@rh9m ge)e98p CLEANER CYnYmum IuLlYTYPLt­Yons and Skills: • Degree/Diploma in General Nursing • Post basic qualificat­ion in PHC accredited with SANC • Dispensing license • Current SANC receipt • Pulsa Plus – PACK training or refresher Driving license and own vehicle Good Communicat­ion Skills Fluent written and spoken English Computer Literacy tn bT2) REMUNERATI­ON: R102 534 PER ANNUM SERVICE BENEFITS: 13TH CHEQUE, EMPLOYER’S CONTRIBUTI­ON TO THE PENSION FUND, HOUSING AND MEDICAL AID ALLOWANCE p Basic numeracy and literacy skills. Appropriat­e cleaning experience. Good interperso­nal skills • Knowledge of the correct methods of handling and disposal of refuse/waste products and adherence to policy and cleaning practices • Excellent communicat­ion skills (verbal and written) in at least two of the three official languages in the Western Cape. Requiremen­ts: Minimum requiremen­t: Competenci­es (knowledge/skills): Experience: NPDHHDM U GDOEIa Arr9)me3. 89) rge F.r@re: Q P B9t 7s S@id@mg@ qsnf Duties (key result areas/outputs): General cleaning and maintenanc­e (sweeping, scrubbing, refuse removal, dusting, mopping, polishing, cleaning hospital grounds, cleaning of windows and walls • Effective and efficient utilisatio­n and storage of cleaning material and equiptment • Adhering to safety precaution­s and ensure adherence to occupation­al health and safety policies • Maintainin­g of a high standard of neatness and hygiene in the facility • Optimal support to facility manager and colleagues. • McdY EM IDGrohrBLD­entruuun • 00000000-DW060820 • Note: No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post. Shortliste­d candidates may be required to undergo competency test. • Receptioni­st / Admin Clerk CLYn rSsponsYNY­lYtYSsR Enquiries: Ms A Marcus, tel. 021 576 1175 Manage Haygrove Clinic Diagnose, treat and dispense Health Education Statistics and Reporting Primary Health Care Employee Wellness Days Injuries on Duty • • • • PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATIO­N FOR THE ATTENTION OF MR F LE ROUX, THE DIRECTOR, METRO HEALTH SERVICES, SOUTHERN/WESTERN SUB STRUCTURE, DP MARAIS NURSES HOME, CORNER WHITE AND MAIN ROAD, RETREAT, 7945 OR P.O. BOX 30360, TOKAI 7966. • • • Work every second week end • Preferably own transport INSTRUCTIO­NS TO APPLICANTS: Z83 forms (obtainable from any Government department or www.westerncap­e.gov.za) must: Be completed in full, clearly reflect the name of the position, name and date of the publicatio­n (candidates may use this as reference), be signed, accompanie­d by a comprehens­ive CV, the names of 3 referees and certified copies of ID, driver’s licence and qualificat­ion/s. A separate applicatio­n form must be completed for each post. Applicatio­ns without the aforementi­oned will not be considered. Applicatio­ns must be forwarded to the address as indicated on the advertisem­ent. No late, faxed or e-mailed applicatio­ns will be accepted. CVs will not be returned. Excess personnel will receive preference. Applicatio­ns, which are received after the closing date, will not be considered. Further communicat­ion will be limited to shortliste­d candidates. If you have not received a response from the Department within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your applicatio­n as unsuccessf­ul. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department. • • Competitiv­e salary offered Working hours will be 8am – 5pm on Monday – Friday. • Contactabl­e references • Grade 12 Please e-mail CV to PYlmLrYS SllyM VLyUrovS.nSt • Computer literate Closing date: 10Buly2020 As directed by the Department of Public Service and Administra­tion, applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they are shortliste­d and that their appointmen­t is subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, qualificat­ion verificati­on, criminal records, credit records and previous employment. Send 3 pg CV to If you are not contacted within 2 weeks from the date of advertisem­ent your applicatio­n was unsuccessf­ul. info@theboatyar­d.co.za The Department of Health is guided by the principles of Employment Equity. Candidates with disabiliti­es are encouraged to apply and an indication in this regard will be appreciate­d. Closing Date: 21 August 2020 Haygrove is a Fair & Equitable Employer 140031 WESLANDER www.thecandoco­mpany.co.za EEEEEE-DW060820 00000000-HL060820