District Mail : 2020-08-13



18 PLAASLIKE NUUS NUUS NEWS 13 Augustus 2020 SAKENUUS / BUSINESS NEWS WESTERN CAPE GAMBLING AND RACING BOARD NOTICE IN TERMS OF THE PROVISIONS OF SECTION 32(2) OF THE WESTERN CAPE GAMBLING AND RACING ACT, 1996 (ACT 4 OF 1996) (“THE ACT”),AS AMENDED,THE WESTERN CAPE GAMBLING AND RACING BOARD HEREBY GIVES NOTICE THAT THE FOLLOWING APPLICATIO­N FOR A BOOKMAKER LICENCE,AS PROVIDED FOR IN SECTIONS 27(k) AND 55 OF THE ACT,AND A BOOKMAKER PREMISES LICENCE,AS PROVIDED FOR IN SECTIONS 27(kA) AND 55(A) OF THE ACT, IN TERMS OF WESTERN CAPE GAMBLING AND RACING REGULATION,AS PROVIDED FOR IN REGULATION 18, HAS BEEN RECEIVED. Applicant for a new bookmaker licence: Pure Bet (Pty) Ltd t/a Pure Bet - A South African registered company Registrati­on number: 2020/217830/07 Persons holding a 5% or more direct and indirect financial interest in the applicant: Ioannis Kiriakos Calivitis (50%) Willem Joseph Delport (50%) Business address of proposed bookmaker: Ground Floor,Tenant 03, Zomerlust Estate, cnr. Bergriver Boulevard and Bergsig Avenue, Paarl 7646 Erf number: 24266 Section 33 of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Act, 1996 (hereinafte­r “the Act”) requires the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (hereinafte­r “the Board”) to ask the public to submit comments and/or objections to gambling licence applicatio­ns that are filed with the Board.The conduct of gambling operations is regulated in terms of both the Act and the National Gambling Act, 2004.This notice serves to notify members of the public that they may lodge objections and/or comments to the above applicatio­n on or before the closing date at the below-mentioned address and contacts. Since licensed gambling constitute­s a legitimate business operation, moral objections for or against gambling will not be considered by the Board. An objection that merely states that one is opposed to gambling without much substantia­tion will not be viewed with much favour. You are hereby encouraged to read the Act and learn more about the Board’s powers and the matters pursuant to which objections may be lodged.These are outlined in Sections 28, 30, 31 and 35 of the Act. Members of the public can obtain a copy of the objection guidelines, which are an explanator­y guide through the legal framework governing the lodgement of objections and the Board’s adjudicati­on procedures. The objection guidelines are accessible from the Board’s website at www.wcgrb.co.za and copies can also be made available on request.The Board will consider all comments and objections lodged on or before the closing date during the adjudicati­on of the applicatio­n. Radio KC Tel: 021 871 1438 Website: www. Radiokc.org.za Showcasing Authentic Women KC in collaborat­ion with SAWITU, KWV Foundation, 1000Women, Valcare, ALC Skills Developers and Drakenstei­n Foodbank. KC AT WORK: 09:30 - SAWITU 13 August: Magaret Newman 17 August: Jo Anne Mettler 20 August: Kate September In the case of written objections to an applicatio­n, the grounds on which such objections are founded must be furnished.Where comment in respect of an applicatio­n is furnished, full particular­s and facts to substantia­te such comment must be provided.The name, address and telephone number of the person submitting the objection or offering the comment must also be provided. Comments or objections must reach the Board by no later than on KC LUNCH: 12:40 - PROTEAS OF THE VALLEY 13 August: Helen Latrobe 14 August: Belinda de Jager 17 August: Liza Matthee 16:00 Friday, 28 August 2020. Objections or comments must be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer,Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, P.O. Box 8175, Roggebaai 8012 or handed to the Chief Executive Officer,Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, 100 Fairway Close, Parow 7500 or faxed to the Chief Executive Officer on 021 422 2603, or emailed to Objections.Licensing@wcgrb.co.za #KCEqualtoE­qual # HearMeToo #Here'sToYou #KCLOVESPAA­RLVALLEY OFFICIAL NOTICE • OFFICIAL NOTICE • OFFICIAL NOTICE RADIO KC THE SOUND THAT SETS YOU FREE. www.thecandoco­mpany.co.za 140055 PAARL POST X1W8VNRA-BZ110800 VZR8NWNWXP­AZ-2W12