District Mail : 2020-08-13



27 CLASSIFIED­S LOCAL NEWS 13 August 2020 GEKLASSIFI­SEERD LOST TITLE DEED NRUV RT EFUVTRaFE EFFE Notice is hereby giu,m hm ,qlr 9e O,f2kS h9m 7d 9e g, D,,cr O,fhr qh,r Aa b ontsb 9e g, hm ,m h9m 9 S11kw e9q g, hrr2, 9e S a,q h8,c a91w 9e D,,c 9e PqSmre,q I9p Ptnns63yyy 1Srr,c eSu92q 9e hm q,r1,a 9e Notice is hereby given in terms of Regulation 68 of the Deeds Registries Act, 1937, of the intention to apply for the issue of a certified copy of Certificat­e of Registered Title ST29013/2008 passed by PROUD HERITAGE EIENDOMME 102 (EIENDOMS) BEPERK, Registrati­on number: 2004/029903/07 in favour of PROUD HERITAGE EIENDOMME 102 (EIENDOMS) BEPERK, Registrati­on number: 2004/029903/07 in respect of PRPVRCFMR YKYKAP CRPHR FTG 0880 Oce9wepm, KP VIF ETAMFPUVFK­P OWPKDKSANK­Va, SAATN EKYKUKRP, ZFUVFTP DASF STRYKPDFb A unit consisting of Section Number 37 as shown and more fully described on Sectional Plan Number SS 852/2008 in the scheme known as MANOR HOUSE AND MEWS in respect of the land and building or buildings situated at SOMERSET WEST, In the City of Cape Town, of which section the floor area according to the said sectional plan is 19 (Nineteen) square metres in extent and; An undivided share in and to the common property in the scheme apportione­d to the said section in accordance with the participat­ion quota as endorsed on the said sectional plan. which said Deed of Transfer has been lost or destroyed. (a) a,q Shm (b) vghag gSr T,,m k9r 9q c,r q9w,cp Akk hm ,q,r ,c 1,qr9mr gSuhmf 9Ti,a h9m 9 g, hrr2, 9e r2ag a91w Sq, g,q,Tw q,.2hq,c 9 k9cf, g, rSl, hm vqh hmf vh g g, O,fhr qSq 9e D,,cr S CANF PMRI vh ghm v9 v,,jr eq9l g, cS , 9e g, 12TkhaS h9m 9e ghr m9 ha,p All persons having objection to the issue of such copy are hereby required to lodge the same in writing with the REGISTRAR OF DEEDS at ROOM 1216, 12TH FLOOR, 90 PLEIN STREET, CAPE TOWN within two weeks after the date of the first publicatio­n of this notice. Dated at Somerset West on the 29th July 2020. JASON FOX, duly authorized by virtue of a Resolution of the Trustees of Manor House and Mews Body Corporate dated 16 October 2017 Applicant: LEE ZFNNKPHVRP OATDI 2020. s0VI d@y r5 DS ,c S ghr c/o JOOSTE HESWICK INC 12 Papegaai Street, Stellenbos­ch, 7600 E-mail address: mc@jhlaw.co.za Contact No: 021 8833043 Mahi JnnenpSgp | LE GKEWDKATa UFTYKDFU 7SVa6 NVE 333333-DP133813 Elgin Free Range Chickens, Robertson – Factory Shop 08 Sepzz Uzteez, Zeoompizrp Veo 0us 202 h.0g Fl1@mo n@d@p4d3etbi1@mo.:r1 Responsibi­li es: Will include but not be limited to, the following: • Responsibl­e for ensuring fActory shop premises Are cleAn And neAt At All mes. • EnhAnce customer’s percep on of the EFRC brAnd by meAns of: the profession­Al AppeArAnce, friendly ApproAch And thorough product knowledge, the neAtness And cleAnlines­s of the premises And freezers And the AvAilAbili­ty of our product rAnge And good condi on of products. • Assist in stock tAking of product As And when required. • Replenishi­ng, pAcking And rotA on of product in freezer. • Responsibl­e for defros ng And cleAning of freezers. • Moving of stock And Assis ng with receiving stock deliveries. • Ensure the cleAnlines­s And proper func oning of the freezers including mAintAin the required temperAtur­e logs. Stock rotA on using FIFO bAsis. Comply with dress code And personAl hygiene stAndArds. Do dAily/monthly operA onAl store checks And stock tAkes. Assist customer/s with cArrying of purchAses to their vehicles As And when required And expected. Adherence to OccupA onAl HeAlth And SAfety, Hygiene, FSMS stAndArds. Assist with dAily And monthly stock tAkes. Admin and Inventory Controller 000000-PL130820 KHLHRWDOP CorrAgri SA, based in Paarl, currently has a position available for a reliable, proactive, individual with excellent interperso­nal (Afrikaans and English), administra­tive, timemanage­ment, and problem-solving skills. Attorneys JMPR MO CDPROMVDC CDDC Notice is hereby given in terms of regvlation 68 of the Deeds Registries Act, 1937, of the intention to apply for the issve of a certified copy of T39616/u009 passed by ,IDNo Married Ovt of Commvnity of Property in respect of certain The ideal candidate is an organised team player with a strong personalit­y who can work accurately under pressure. • • • • • • DJWA )k3ks3 3338 38k, The successful candidate will report directly to the Operations Manager and will be responsibl­e for (but not limited to): KASFDO • allocation of stock on Evolution for multiple warehouses • ordering of consumable­s • timesheet administra­tion • health and safety administra­tion • processing of deliveries and record keeping • waste management • inventory management and all other duties related to the position. DOE 7f8fi( NAAOJ, HL RGD COAIDLPRDH­L KSLHBHNAJH­RV, CHTHPHML NAAOJ, NOMTHLBD UDPRDOL BAND Requiremen­ts: • 1 yeAr experience working in A similAr work environmen­t. • Minimum GrAde 10. • Ability to communicAt­e fluently in English And or AfrikAAns. • Honest And reliAble individuAl. • Computer literAcy would be beneficiAl but not essen Al. • Goodcommun­icA onskills. • A en on to detAil. • Willing to work SAturdAys As required. • Ability to work independen­tly. • Discipline­d, honest And reliAble individuAl. • Customer orientAted. We offer A compe ve sAlAry with benefits. The Appointmen­t will be mAde in AccordAnce with the CompAny’s EE Policy. Interested ApplicAnts should forwArd their CV’s to: mdpA@freerAngec­hickens.co.zA, on or before CAndidAtes who Apply from outside the Western CApe will be responsibl­e for All relocA on costs should their ApplicA on be successful. Only shortliste­d cAndidAtes will be contActed. Should you hAve not been contActed within 1 month, pleAse consider your ApplicA on unsuccessf­ul. Essential qualificat­ions, skills and experience: • Grade 12 (Matric) • Minimum (3) years’ relevant experience handling stock and related financial aspects in a warehouse environmen­t (ideally multi-warehouse environmen­t) • Excellent computer proficienc­y (MS Office) • Driver’s licence and own reliable transport. which has been lost or destroyed. All interested persons having objection to the issv eofs vch copy are hereby reqvired to lodge the same in writing with the Registrar of Deeds, Room 1u16, 1uth Floor, 90 Plein Street, Cape Town within two weeks from the date of the pvblicatio­n of this notice. Commenceme­nt date: As soon as possible Please apply online at www.m3online.co.za before 09:00 on 17 August 2020 For general enquiries, contact our Recruitmen­t Team at M3 Human Capital Management on 021 863 1444. clearly sta ng which posi on they are applying for, 21 August 2020. NYYo- KHLHRWDOP mmr4 dY A6561r 73739 Dated at this of If you have received no feedback within two weeks after the closing date for applicatio­ns please assume that your applicatio­n was unsuccessf­ul. Ann-gbYjr sod E-llo AobYde Gl61e, fif JYd Foe Proeer, NYYo-9 BljrYbr eiYg-c igb4e--eaigjgrteo­19bl9tY BljrYbr j6i@eoc 37m 8(m m77fi www.ayandamban­ga.co.za www.thecandoco­mpany.co.za 140106 11-087DP2D813­0320 000000-PL130820 Auspor aoot Shshnir Msnoa Anisonhhao Elgin Free Range Chickens, Robertson – Factory Shop Elgin Free Range Chickens, Robertson – Factory Shop Re pon ibili e : Responsibi­li es: @npp nq,pufff cuz q’z cff pn.nzfff z’e zlff fi’pp’wnqkd : Evnvnqk bqf .bxn.nwnqk zlff wbpffw zuvq’vffv ’fi zlff fib,z’vy wz’vff ’uzpffz/ : Onqn.nwff wz’,1 p’wwffw ,buwfff cy zlff bqf x ’v qffkpnkffq,ff/ : Fqlbq,ff ,uwz’.ffvuw sffv,ffs ’q ’fi zlff FGSC cvbqf cy .ffbqw ’fid zlff sv’fiffwwn’qbp bssffbvbq,ffe fivnffqfpy bssv’b,l bqf zl’v’ukl sv’fu,z 1q’wpfffkff ’fi bpp wzbfl .ff.cffvwe zlff qffbzqffww bqf ,pffbqpnqff­ww ’fi zlff svff.nwffw bqf fivffffzff­vw bqf zlff bvbnpbcnpn­zy ’fi ’uv sv’fu,z vbqkff bqf k’’f ,’qfn ’q ’fi sv’fu,zw : Aflffvffq,ff z’ P,,usb ’qbp Iffbpzl bqf Tbfiffzye Iyknffqffe GTOT wzbqfbvfw/ : Obnqzbnq ff.sp’yffff fnw,nspnqff nq,pufnqk bsspynqk zlff qff,ffwwbvy vupffw bqf vffkupb ’qw vffpb vff z’ zlff ’vkbqnzb ’qw vff unvff.ffqzw/ : Tusffvvnwn’q ’fi zlff fib,z’vy wl’s b, vn ffw bqf sffvfi’v.bq,ff ’fi bpp wzbfle : W pnznqk pbc’uve .b,lnqffw bqf ff uns.ffqz ffflff, vffpy bqf ffg,nffqzpy/ : O’qnz’vnqk ff.sp’yffff .ff bqf bDffqfbq,ffe nq,pufnqk b,,uvbzff ,’.spff ’q bqf wuc.nwwn’q ’fi .ff wlffffzw bw vff uffwzfff/ : Fqwuvff zlbz wzbfl bvff bfff ubzffpy zvbnqfff nq ’sffvb ’qbp sv’,fffuvffwe sv’fu,z 1q’wpfffkff bqf ,uwz’.ffv wffvvn,ff/ : Tzvn,zpy ,’qzv’p zlff lnvnqk ’fi ,bwubpw nq b,,’vfbq,ff wnzl wffz FGSC sv’,fffuvffw/ : Sffws’qwncpff fi’v ffqwuvnqk fib,z’vy wl’s svff.nwffw bvff ,pffbq bqf qffbz bz bpp .ffw/ : R’nqz ’fi wbpff bqf sby.ffqz wywzff. .bqbkff.ffqz bqf ,’qzv’pe nq,pufnqk .bqbkff.ffqz ’fi sby.ffqz sv’,ffwwnqk cy ,bvf sby.ffqz bqf ’v ,bwl sby.ffqzwe wzbvz us bqf ffqf ’fi fby ,bwl us/ : C’.spy wnzl wff,uvnzy sv’,fffuvffw nq,pufnqk p’,1nqk bpp wff,uvnzy kbzffwe bpp’,b ’q bqf nqzffkvnzy ’fi bpbv. ,’fffwe Tl’s ’sffqnqk bqf ,p’wnqk sv’,fffuvffw bqf cbq1nqk sv’,fffuvffw/ : Fqwuvff zlff ,pffbqpnqff­ww bqf sv’sffv fiuq, ’qnqk ’fi zlff fivffffzff­vw nq,pufnqk .bnqzbnq zlff vff unvfff zff.sffvbzuvff p’kw bqf wlffvff qff,ffwwbvy ,’qzb,z zlff .bqufib,zuvffvw z’ wffvvn,ff ’v vffsbnv zlff fivffffzff­vw/ : Fqwuvff bpp ffpff,zv’qn, ,’..uqn,b ’q fib,npn ffw .bfff bvbnpbcpff cy FGSC bvff u pnzfff fi’v w’v1 suvs’wffw/ : O’qnz’v wz’,1 pffvffpw bqf ’vfffv b,,’vfnqkpy z’ .bnqzbnq bvbnpbcnpn­zy ’fi sv’fu,z vbqkff/ : Sffws’qwncpff fi’v ffqwuvnqk bpp wz’,1 nw vff,ffnvfff nq pnqff wnzl FGSC wffz wz’,1 fffpnvffvy sv’,fffuvffw nq,pufnqk ffqwuvnqk zlff ,bvfffiup lbqfpnqk ’fi sv’fu,z cy wzbfl/ Sffws’qwncpff fi’v wz’,1 .bqbkff.ffqz bqf bsspn,b ’q bqf svb, ,nqk ’fi thvwz nq hvwz ’uzu z’ ffqwuvff ’pfffv wz’,1 nw w’pf hvwz bqf ,’qfu, qk ’fi .’qzlpy wz’,1 zb1ffw/ Sffs’vz bqf nfffq fiynqk wp’wm.’vnqk wz’,1 bqf nqfi’v.nqk Iffbf Pg,ff zlffvff’fi w’ zlbz zlnw ,bq s’wwncpy cff zvbqwfiffv­vfff z’ bq bpzffvqb vff ’uzpffz Wlll lnclude but n.t be llmlted t., the f.ll.2lng: • P.lnt .f uAle And ’Avment uvutem mAnAgement And c.ntt.l, lncludlng mAnAgement .f ’t.ceuulng bv cAtd ’Avment And .t cAuh ’Avmentu, utAtt u’ And end .f dAv cAuh u’. 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Hnteteuted A’’llcAntu uh.uld f.t2Atd thelt CV u t.: md’A@fteetAngec­hlckenu.c..wA, .n .t bef.te CAndldAteu 2h. A’’lv ft.m .utulde the Weutetn CA’e 2lll be teu’.nulble f.t All tel.cA .n c.utu uh.uld thelt A’’llcA .n be uucceuuful. Onlv uh.ttlluted cAndldAteu 2lll be c.ntActed. Sh.uld v.u hAve n.t been c.ntActed 2lthln q m.nth, ’leAue c.nuldet v.ut A’’llcA .n unuucceuuf­ul. clearly sta ng which posi on they are applying for, 21 August 2020. cleasl0 2a ngyha2poi on2he0asea­ppl0ingfos­e u1 Awgw 2 u0u0q 000000-DP130820 000000-DP130820