District Mail : 2020-08-13



28 PLAASLIKE NUUS GEKLASSIFI­SEERD CLASSIFIED­S 13 Augustus 2020 FARM MANAGER POSITION VERLORE AKTE BOEDELKENN­ISGEWING Kennis geskied hiermee dat ingevolge die bepalings van Regulasie 68 van die Wet op die Registrasi­e van Aktes, 1937, daar van voorneme is om aansoek te doen vir gesertifis­eerde afskrifte van Transporta­kte T9812/1996 uitgereik deur Worcester Plaaslike Oorgangsra­ad, ten gunste van Danver Michael October, Identiteit­snommer 611003 5093 088 en Sandra October, Identiteit­snommer 601229 0737 088, Getroud binne gemeenskap van goedere met mekaar, met betrekking tot Erf 16778 Worcester, in die Breede Vallei Munisipali­teit, Afdeling Worcester, Provinsie Wes-Kaap, wat verlore of vernietig is. Alle persone met besware teen die uitreik van die sodanige titelbewys word hiermee versoek om dit skriftelik in te dien by die Registrate­ur van Aktes by Kamer 1216, 12de Vloer, Pleinstraa­t 90, Kaapstad, binne twee weke ná die datum van publikasie hiervan. AarVgVi Cloete, ID nr: 5410225200­084, Ahgcg8 768g 7eg ug(nhrc 7R9 Seggg ugfggg9éRi sRg uhgc fg( Katrina Susanna Cloete, ID nr: 5008250063­086, 9 Junie 2015. Boedelnomm­er: 000507/2017. available at 7eg hhn8gcg e9 VBT:MKaB BLaPHB Fêe H,4 b,8d4g,fh hi Eggge9 ug9éegc yegnfgg cR( ceg ggn9(g gg regR8g 8eé7ecR9eg­d gg ce9(neSr9egngé­ggegu eg Shugghgfcg Shgcg8 (gn eg9Rg 9R8 8i S6 ceg éRg(hhn sRg ceg Hgg9(gn sRg ceg Chhuugngu9­yhra ERRi9(Rc gg ceg FRgccnh9yh­ra PngcggSrnu sen mg (6cigné sRg ugngégg sRgRr Farm Manager position available at Panthera Africa We are excited to offer a position and welcome a new pride member to our team. The position is ideal for someone with experience in a management role, maintenanc­e and driving, in addition to having skills in DIY, general farm work, firefighti­ng and first aid. KOMMERSIËL­E PERSELE 21 dae 14 Augustus 2020. Brand & Vennote The following skills and qualities are required: GETEKEN TE WORCESTER OP 5 AUGUSTUS 2020. • Management • Planning and organising • Maintenanc­e, DIY and work with electric tools – i.e. chainsaw, brush cutter • Task and time management • Drive long distance with trailer • Ability to work with and collect meat • Physically and mentally strong • Solid independen­t worker with great initiative • Strong team player and good with people • Well-spoken and good command of English and Afrikaans • Trustworth­y, responsibl­e, positive and passionate, committed, solution orientated and be able to multitask Ih9Sr9 -/t/ PngcggSrnu­a o)n/ Ng8T k/..l o- -1oBRé9T k/..l o-d) oo. TE HUUR TE PATERNOSTE­R ELTON SHORTLES PROKUREURS INGELYF Russelstra­at 91, Worcester, 6850 Tel 023 342 7414 E-pos: info@shortlesat­torneys.co.za Vir verdere inligting skakel ons kantore by 022 752 2616 Verw: C7387HB 000000-WS130820 EEEEEE-DW130820 EEEEEE-DW130820 HANDELSKLE­RK Spectra Trust is 'n toonaangew­ende verspreide­r van landbouver­pakkingsma­teriaal en ander primêre landbou-insette met verspreidi­ngspunte in die Wes- Noord- en Oos-Kaap, Limpopo en Suide van Namibië. As gevolg van volgehoue groei benodig ons die dienste van 'n Handelskle­rk by ons Hexrivier tak, wat vertroud is met die Landbou-kleinhande­l en die verpakking­smateriaal-bedryf. Matriek met Rekeningku­nde as vak. Rekenaar geletterd wees en Pastel Evolution sal in kandidaat se guns tel. Moet in besit wees van 'n Kode 8 rybewys. Bestelling­s plaas by verskaffer­s en aflewering­s opvolg. Voorraad inneem op stelsel. Skakeling met ons kliënte. Uitstuur van promosie items via e-pos, click-a-tell. Vergoeding is onderhande­lbaar volgens ondervindi­ng. T: (022) 701 7000 • F: (022) 715 1518 mun@sbm.gov.za • • www.sbm.gov.za The candidate will work in close relation with the managing director, animal caretakers and farm workers as an independen­t and pivotal team member. The main purpose of the position is to manage, plan, organise and maintain all farm operations. Publme I.tme5 Vsh7b8moh .g Hbo8 S5o275 Kmhit6 A95o895ot Bmnn ,B/ l 3w3wd &56t57o Cbs5 75s7565otb­tmu56 moumt58 t. btt5o8 ti5 Vnt7b Bmnn am7t2bn D5b7moh6 .o r4 bo8 r1 A2h26t 3w3w Main tasks include: . • plan and organise own day • maintenanc­e of infrastruc­ture, equipment and cars • security and electric fencing • organise, liaise and collect meat for the big cats • alien clearing and fire season preparatio­ns Vereistes: :OI V7utM7)p7 H7‘‘pttII 7r BNup4u)tuuIh Per- aIM7u‘ er- auue) KIvI)7p‘Irt prvptIv prtIuIvtI- pI7p)I er- uI)Ivert vte(IO7)-Iuv t7 vu8‘pt 7ue) 47‘‘Irtv 7r tOI ,pNue-prN 7M Per- :IruuI apNOtv B‘Ir-‘Irt f,P:aB5 Fp)) fFy 1 20205 -uuprN tOI dputue) Vu8)p4 MIeuprNv 7r tOI 6L er- 6stO 7M BuNuvt 20202 B H7py 7M tOI Fp)) 4er 8I 78teprI- 7r tOI be)-erOe Fey Turp4ppe) wI8vptI et tOI M7))7wprN )pr(g www2v8‘2N7v2ze0r7­tp4Iv2 bO7u)- y7u wpvO t7 ettIr- tOpv vputue) OIeuprN p)IevI vIr- y7uu -Itep)v tre‘Ih vuure‘Ih 4I))pO7rI ru‘8Iu er- 4I))pO7rI rItw7u( -Itep)v3 t7 Tu2 Br-uK PIwe(v et tOI be)-erOe Fey Turp4ppe)pty uvprN tI)IpO7rI ru‘8Iu 022 w06 w000 7u L1‘ep) et Vu8)p4Veutp4pp­etp7rêv8‘2N7v2ze2 V)IevI pr-p4etI tOI puIMIuuI- -etI t6L 7u 6s BuNuvt 20203 7M Ie4O vte(IO7)-Iu2 Pligte: Candidate must be prepared to live onsite (if single) or in Gansbaai, Stanford or Hermanus. Salary package will be dependent on experience and living arrangemen­ts. . . Send CV and a short two-minute video of why you are the perfect candidate for this position to by 20 August. E-pos so spoedig moontlik jou CV na riaan@spectratru­st.co.za om ons nie later as 21 Augustus 2020 te bereik nie. pantheraaf­rica@gmail.com 000000-WS130820 If you do not hear from us by 31 August, consider your applicatio­n unsuccessf­ul. 00000000-HL130820 EEEEEE-DW130820 INVITATION““TO TENDER INVITATION TO TENDER )) SUBJECT: ENQUIRY NUMBER: DELIVERY SERVICES FOR TRONOX Eu0040 SUPPLY OF NON-PRODUCTION CONSUMABLE­S TO TRONOX ENQUIRY NUMBER: E20040 SUBJECT: Trp1px Mk1f/An SA1e %Oxy. Lxe %’T/p1pxr. if/fby k1vkxf vf1ep/ xp ubokx )/p)p An gp/, c Cpnnf:xkp1 pg -ppe g/po /fnfvA1x u))nkf/ A1e efnkvf/k1- xifo xp xif ef k-1Axfe A/fA Ax xif Sofnxf/d SAneA1iA T”onox MinerAl SAnds (Pty) Ltd (“Tronox”) hereby invites Vendors to submit proposAls for the Supply of Non-Production ConsumAble­s to the Smelter, SAldAnhA. Pse-rvalifica2­ion csi2esia fos 2hi 2endes ase: Non-Production ConsumAble­s include coffee, teA, milk, sugAr, cool drinks, etc. Ann bu k1f f ou x bf VAT /f-k xf/fe A1e BBBEE :po)nkA1x“O/fgf/f1:f wknn bf -kvf1 xp :po)fxf1xd Ax nfA x h(q BnA:m Nw1fe A1evp/ BnA:m Wpof1 Nw1fe A1evp/ BnA:m Ypuxi Nw1fe PSEs p/ EMEs “j Cpo)A1y O/pgknf j Cp)y pg Lfxxf/ pg Gppe SxA1ek1- g/po xif WCAt j TAx CnfA/A1:f Cf/xkgk:Axf“j O/ppg pg Oubnk: LkAbknkxy I1 u/A1:f pg 1px nf xiA1 Qh 000 000“00 %gkvf oknnkp1 /A1e. j O/pvf1 x/A:m /f:p/e %Ax nfA x p1fjyfA/ fx)f/kf1:fv Lk x pg /f:f1x )/plf:x v:p1x/A:x /fnfvA1x xp S:p)f pg Wp/m. Aeekxkp1An Tf:i1k:An C/kxf/kA oAy A))ny j Pre-quAlificAt­ion criteriA for this tender Are: - - TAx CleArAnce CertificAt­e. VAT registered certificAt­e BBBEE CertificAt­e. Preference will be given to competent, At leAst 51% BlAck Owned And/or BlAck Women Owned And/or BlAck Youth Owned QSE’s or EME’s. CompAny Profile Proven trAck record (At leAst one-yeAr experience/ List of recent projects/contrActs relAted to the Scope) AdditionAl CriteriA mAy Apply - - j Onl0 2endeses in po e ion of 2he aboyemen2i­oned docvmen2 ma0 vbmi2 2heis 2endes docvmen2 and a22end 2he 2endes bsiefing e ion fos 2he deliyes0 esyice oppos2vni2­0. - Only tenderers in possession of the abovementi­oned documents may register to tender. A b/kfgk1- f kp1 wknn xAmf )nA:f Ax xif Sofnxf/ Skxf p1 xif 2uxi pg Au-u x 2020 Ax (0i00“O/p )f:xkvf xf1ef/f/ wknn offx Ax Sf:u/kxy Qf:f)xkp1 Ax 05iy0 p1 xif eAy pg xif b/kfgk1- f kp1 gp/ A oA1eAxp/y Agfxy k1eu:xkp1 f kp1d gpnnpwfe by xif b/kfgk1- f kp1“Tif b/kfgk1- f kp1 k oA1eAxp/yd A1e ipune xf1ef/f/ 1px Axxf1ed xifk/ xf1ef/ wknn bf nkAbnf xp /flf:xkp1“ Interested pArties must register with GAynor Muller, e-mAil Address: GAynor.Muller@tronox.com by forwArding documentAt­ion As proof of Abovementi­oned prequAlifi­cAtion criteriA on or before the on the Closing Date 21st of August 2020. I1xf/f xfe )A/xkf ou x /f-k xf/ wkxi GAy1p/ Munnf/d fjoAkn Aee/f , GAy1p/“Munnf/@x/p1px“:po p1 p/ bfgp/f xif p1 xif N1ny/f-k xf/fe)A/xkf wknnbfAnnp­wfexpAxxf1­exif b/kfgk1- f kp1“N1nyp1fbu k1f /f)/f f1xAxkvfwk­nnbfAnnpwf­expAxxf1ex­ifb/kfgk1- f kp1“ Clo ingDa2e u1 2 of Avgv 2 u0u0. Tender DocumentAt­ion will be forwArded to the pArties who registered And comply with the pre-quAlificAt­ion criteriA. A :p)y pg xif S:p)f pg Wp/m wknn bf gp/wA/efe xp xif )A/xkf wip /f-k xf/fe“Tf1ef/ ep:uof1x wknn bf ek x/kbuxfeAxxi­fb/kfgk1- f kp1“ Tronox does not bind itself to Accept the lowest or Any tender, nor to Assign Any reAson for rejection of A tender. Tronox Also reserves the right to AwArd A contrAct in pArt or As A whole. Tronox hAs committed itself in pro-Active initiAtive­s to ensure constructi­ve pArticipAt­ion by HistoricAl­ly DisAdvAntA­ged South AfricAn people in vArious Tronox business opportunit­ies. Through issuing of this enquiry, Tronox encourAges A fAir competitio­n opportunit­y And will embrAce or give preference in terms of the Tronox Preferenti­Al Procuremen­t Policy And relAted lAw And regulAtion­s to suppliers with proven cApAcity And thAt hAve strong BEE credentiAl­s. T/p1px epf 1px bk1e kx fng xp A::f)x xif npwf x p/ A1y xf1ef/d 1p/ xp A k-1 A1y /fA p1 gp/ /flf:xkp1 pg A xf1ef/“T/p1px An p /f f/vf xif /k-ix xp AwA/e A :p1x/A:x k1 )A/x p/ A A wipnf“T/p1px iA :pookxxfe kx fng k1 )/pjA:xkvf k1kxkAxkvf xp f1 u/f :p1 x/u:xkvf )A/xk:k)Axkp1 by Hk xp/k:Anny Dk AevA1xA-fe Spuxi Ag/k:A1 )fp)nf k1 vA/kpu T/p1px bu k1f p))p/xu1kxkf “Ti/pu-i k uk1- pg xik f1”uk/yd T/p1px f1:pu/A-f A gAk/ :po)fxkxkp1 p))p/xu1kxy A1e wknn fob/A:f p/ -kvf )/fgf/f1:f k1 xf/o pg xif T/p1px O/fgf/f1xkAn O/p:u/fof1x Opnk:y A1e /fnAxfe nAw A1e /f-unAxkp1 xp u))nkf/ wkxi )/pvf1 :A)A:kxy A1e xiAx iAvf x/p1- BEE :/fef1xkAn “ EEEEEE-DW130820 EEEEEE-DW130820