District Mail : 2020-08-13

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9 NEWS Distrikspo­s 13 August 2020 NUUS Advertoria­l Curro Sitari supports Esports with new gaming room it makes sense for Curro Sitari to adopt this.” Learners can sign up to become part of the club, with mentorship offered by advanced players to newcomers. As expected, the gaming room is only open for play after 2pm once school has finished. Further, Curro Sitari’s gamers will be entering the national Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) league this year, for next year’s challenge; while also building their way to a’ Victory Royale’ in an internal Fortnite league. Two more games are on offer - Apex Legends and League of Legends, while there are plans to incorporat­e Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League. Convenient­ly, the gaming PCs are well suited for simulated Drone flights, so learners can perform a number of virtual test runs before flying the real deal at Curro Sitari’s Drone Club, managed too by Olivier. Curro Sitari is set to further expand the ‘War Room’ next year to help accommodat­e the demand from interested learners. Not every school can boast a dedicated gaming room, but Curro Sitari in Somerset West can proudly do so. The school’s so-called ‘War Room’ is fully equipped with 10 gaming PCs, complete with gaming monitors, headphones, mouses and ergonomic chairs. With the massive popularity of video games and the rise of Esports, Curro Sitari took the decision to also cater to learners with an affinity for gaming. And why not? Much like rugby, chess or athletics, there is a strong amount of skill involved in playing video games competitiv­ely, with learners as dedicated to their specific game as any other sport. Daniel Olivier, Educator at Curro Sitari High School, played a prominent role in the creation of the gaming club and applied some serious ‘elbow grease’ in the constructi­on and kitting out of the ‘War Room’. “The gaming club allows kids to express themselves in a way that they find interestin­g - through video games,” Olivier says. “Esports is the fastest growing sport worldwide, so