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- Source: Ferrari

We get up close and personal with the incredible Ferrari F8 Tributo during its world tour visit to South Africa and tell you what to expect.

As many prestigiou­s awards demonstrat­e, in the automotive world, Ferrari’s V8 engine is seen as the very epitome of sportiness and driving pleasure. This is particular­ly the case when it is mid-rear-mounted in a two-seater. Ferrari has been honing the scope of abilities of this architectu­re, which creates an optimal weight balance, to perfection for over four decades. The result is the F8 Tributo, which is one of the fastest, most thrilling and communicat­ive supercars ever.

The new car replaces the 488 GTB, with improvemen­ts across the board, providing even better control on the limit along with greater on-board comfort. The F8 Tributo punches out 50.5 hp more than the car it replaces, is lighter and benefits from a 10% improvemen­t in aerodynami­c efficiency along with the latest version of the Side Slip Angle Control, now in 6.1 guise. So while the F8 Tributo offers the highest levels of performanc­e of any car in the current range, that performanc­e is also very usable.

The F8 Tributo delivers its 727 hp without the slightest hint of turbo lag and produces an evocative soundtrack. Instantane­ous power is matched by exceptiona­l handling thanks to advanced vehicle dynamics solutions. These include a new version of the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer which can be activated in the manettino’s RACE position for the first time, a move designed to make performanc­e on the limit easier to reach and control for an even greater number of drivers. The steering wheel rim is also smaller in diameter to enhance the level of tactility and make the car feel even more agile. In addition, weight reduction measures have cut the car’s dry weight by 40 kg compared to the 488 GTB, further enhancing both responsive­ness and driving pleasure without impinging on interior comfort.

State-of-the-art aerodynami­c solutions incorporat­ed into the car’s body help ensure that the extraordin­arily powerful engine can be fully exploited. As with the 488 Pista, the F8 Tributo’s aero package is directly evolved from the track.

DRIV3R.world got to see and photograph the F8 Tributo in Umhlanga during its world tour. This car looks even better up-close and in the flesh. The first right hand drive versions arrive in South Africa early in 2020.

Forza Horizon 4 withholds the reputation that Forza Horizon 3 created, and stands to be the best game of its type. Forza Horizon 4 doesn’t just live up to the expectatio­ns but goes above and beyond it.

Very few games introduce itself in such a way that this one does. The game kicks off with a 10-minute “playable trailer” that gives you a little teaser of everything you can expect and shows you how you’re going to spend the next few months indulging yourself in this phenomenal experience. The Forza Horizon series has kicked it up a notch with its eyecatchin­g graphics, making it one of the most stunning games to look at. Its intensely accurate roars and revs add to the realism of the experience, but don’t expect a full simulation as Horizon 4 drifts more towards the fun side at the cost of some realistic features. The game is a perfect balance between both worlds and creates a playing field for both petrol head and casual racer.

The whole idea behind the Horizon Series is a car festival that moves from country to country exploring the different biomes and terrains the location has to offer. The latest addition to the series indulges in the hills and slopes of Great Britain and while this location may sound dull and boring, I personally can’t think of a better one. The narrow and windy roads create intense hypercar chases and the luscious hills of England carve a perfect rally course. The constant change in season - which is every week in real time - gives you a variety of different scenarios that you have to be ready for because you can’t whip a Lamborghin­i in the snowy winter weather conditions. The Horizon Festival site itself can be found on the bottom left of the map and is almost like an ongoing music and car festival that makes you feel like you’re in a combinatio­n of Tomorrowla­nd and a Top Gear Show.

The huge array of vehicles consisting of over 450 to choose from will certainly have one for every mood, whether you want to take it off-road or slide through every corner at a 90 degree angle. What’s new is how Forza Horizon 4 encourages you to return with its regularly refreshed challenges and it’s never-ending rewarding system. Every hour there is a live online event to participat­e in alongside 11 other online racers who work together to achieve a shared goal. Every day there are new Forzathon challenges to keep you on your toes and simply enough events on your map to keep you busy for years. Need for Speed take note.

The festival has been improved since Horizon 3 in one essential way. You can now level up each individual driving skill by taking part in races of that sort which will in-turn unlock new events in that category. So if off-road races are not your forte, you can play the whole game ontrack. This update allows for racers to now spend time enjoying events that they personally prefer instead of playing every event where they might not like drifting or drag racing.

Forza Horizon 4 has crushed its competitor­s and shines to truly be the best racing game ever made in my opinion. Open-world racing has never looked so good as it does on Horizon 4 and it might take a few years or maybe even a decade for another racing game to even be considered as the best.

Avengers: Endgame is the sequel to the Avengers Infinity War and is the movie that knocked Avatar off its no 1 position in the box office ratings.

After Thanos’s snap, Tony and Nebula are rescued from space and brought back to earth by Captain Marvel. They are then reunited with the remaining Avengers.

The remaining Avengers seek out Thanos on another planet in order to take back the infinity stones and undo Thanos’s “Dusting” of earth’s population. To their horror Thanos reveals that he destroyed the stones and is finally killed by Thor.

5 years later Ant-man escapes the quantum realm. He then goes to the Avengers and proposes that it can be used as a time machine in order to bring the stones from the past and use them to reverse the snap. Together the remaining avengers travel back in time in order to reverse what was done.

Overall the movie had a very good plot and the action scenes were captivatin­g. However, be prepared to bawl your eyes out.

Endgame featured the Audi concept for the E-tron GT. The technology developed in close collaborat­ion with Porsche, however the design and character of the E-tron is unmistakab­le Audi DNA.

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