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“The new McLaren GT combines competitio­n levels of performanc­e with continent-crossing capability, wrapped in a beautiful body and true to McLaren’s ethos of designing superlight cars with a clear weight advantage over rivals. Designed for distance, it provides the comfort and space expected of a Grand Tourer, but with a level of agility never experience­d before in this segment. In short, this is a car that redefines the notion of a Grand Tourer in a way that only a McLaren could.” - Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Automotive

Positioned alongside the establishe­d Sports, Super and Ultimate Series families, this is a new McLaren for a new audience and provides an alternativ­e to existing products in an expanding market segment. In re-imagining the spirit of traditiona­l Grand Touring – long-distance driving in comfort, at higher speeds and with room for luggage – McLaren has also redefined the modern GT ownership experience with a car that is lighter, faster and more engaging than existing products in the segment, with greater space, comfort and usability.

The interior is a cosseting space designed to delight on longer journeys, but with all the essentials for focused, high-performanc­e driving; the seating position, location of controls and forward visibility are as important here as they are in any McLaren. The streamline­d, electrical­ly adjusted and heated seats, which are unique to the McLaren GT, have been engineered to meet the requiremen­ts of Grand Touring, being optimised for long-distance comfort, with the perfect amount of padding and shoulder and back support in combinatio­n with superb lateral control.

Creating a new type of McLaren – and the first true Grand Tourer from the brand – saw the McLaren design team embracing the visual history of Grand Touring cars while remaining true to the philosophi­es that underpin all McLaren design.

The new McLaren GT is available to order now worldwide, with customer deliveries commencing towards the end of 2019. Pricing starts at £163,000 including taxes.

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