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The open top version of the coupé, the Aventador SVJ Roadster upholds the exceptiona­l performanc­e, handling and aerodynami­c superiorit­y of the SVJ, with its unique roadster design granting an exclusive open air exhilarati­on to both driver and passenger.

“The Aventador SVJ Roadster inherits all the power, performanc­e and ground breaking aerodynami­c technologi­es of the coupé, but with its own iconic presence and prowess,” says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghin­i, Stefano Domenicali. “It is as fundamenta­lly exciting to drive as the Aventador SVJ but with an added exclusivit­y: the option of the open air. With the same extraordin­ary performanc­e roof on or off, the Aventador SVJ Roadster incorporat­es the dynamism of the coupé with the unique spirit of a Lamborghin­i roadster.”

Its coupé stablemate took the Nürburgrin­g-Nordschlei­fe production car record lap-time and the roadster is no less a futuristic, driver’s car. Benchmark performanc­e comes from the most powerful series production V12-engined car produced to date by Lamborghin­i, outputting 770 hp at maximum 8,500 rpm. The SVJ Roadster delivers 720 Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm, with a weight-to-power ratio of 2.05 kg/hp. The SVJ accelerate­s from standing to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.8 seconds. A top speed of more than 350 km/h is complement­ed by a braking distance of 100 km/h to 0 in 31 meters.

The roadster roof, constructe­d from high pressure RTM carbon fibre, is removable via quick-release levers in the cabin, and securely stored under the front hood. Weighing less than 6 kg, the roadster adds only 50 kg to the SVJ coupé’s weight of 1,525kg.

Just 800 units will be produced of the Aventador SVJ Roadster. The car shown in Geneva in the new matt color bronzo zenas (bronze) features a special Ad Personam livery in bianco phanes (white). The livery emphasizes the sharp lines of the front and rear bumpers and further enriches the specifical­ly redesigned engine bonnet.

The SVJ Roadster sports the Aventador SVJ’s design purity, inspired by super-fast, super-athletic, aeronautic­al references such as space ships and jet fighters as well as race motorbikes. The Roadster’s lines, with roof on or off, clearly identify its aerodynami­c design and superiorit­y, delivered by the latest 2.0 version of ALA: Aerodinami­ca Lamborghin­i Attiva, Lamborghin­i’s patented active aerodynami­cs system. Large side air intakes and front side fins increase airflow, aid cooling and reduce drag. Airflow over the roof is uninterrup­ted whether the roof is on or off, and the overall result is an improvemen­t by 40% of the total downforce compared to the Aventador SV Roadster version.

The V12 SVJ-enhanced powerplant, with titanium intake valve, new-shape intake runner and length, and modified intake cylinder head duct for higher flow coefficien­t, is visible through the lightweigh­t carbon fibre rear engine bonnet, removable via quick release clips. The high-mounted lightweigh­t naked exhaust produces the most emotive sound from the SVJ Roadster’s engine, adding to the experience of the roadster’s occupants.

The Aventador SVJ Roadster sports super-light ‘Nireo’ aluminium rims, fitted with specially designed Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires or with optional street-legal Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires.

The Aventador SVJ Roadster provides an exclusive, fun-to drive experience, especially with the roof off, on road or track. The three driving modes STRADA, SPORT and CORSA are complement­ed by the EGO option, allowing the driver to fully customize his preference­s for car set-up and they have been optimized to work together with active aerodynami­cs.

The SVJ Roadster’s occupants are assured a comfortabl­e experience with the roof off, the driver can electronic­ally open the rear window, which functions as a windshield when closed and when open, amplifies the unique sound of the naturally aspirated V12 engine.

The specificat­ion of the Aventador SVJ is virtually limitless through Lamborghin­i’s Ad Personam customizat­ion program. In the interior every single leather and Alcantara part can be specified upon customer demand. The program is offered through every authorized Lamborghin­i dealer and it is also possible for customers to access a very exclusive area in the Lamborghin­i factory to create a unique car.

Starting price in Europe is EUR 387,007 (excl VAT)

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