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A spa experience takes you away from the mundane into the realm of the exceptiona­l. Whilst many spas focus on the aesthetics of beauty, Camelot Spa Pearls Mall, delivers you beyond beauty into the world where wellness and health combine into a life-changing experience. Having been to spas worldwide including high end spaces in Dubai, Bali, Thailand and New York, I had suffered the lack of a bespoke experience when I am in Durban. Carrying the tension of a caffeine addiction, hours at a computer and having just stepped off a plane from Kashmir, I was seeking a place that would revive me for a fast-paced weekend at the Durban July.

Camelot Spa Pearls Mall welcomes you into an oceantheme­d interior, where you are swiftly whisked off into a soft robe and slippers to a glass fronted room with a view of the Indian Ocean. The taster of what is to come from the healing powers of the sea is visualised by the feeling of being on the upper deck of a cruise ship, sipping fresh juices and munching on strawberri­es. It takes a great deal to relax me, and deep breaths are often my problem.

Candice, my therapist was deeply intuitive, sensing much without me having to say anything at all. She explained the therapies, the products and the sequence of events, and if you are a high functionin­g Type A like me, all this informatio­n is well stored. The scent of ylang-ylang in a spray to start my therapies had me breathing deeply for the first time that day.

Camelot Spa Pearls Mall uses the French Thalgo Range of products, a range that is researched and developed to use the power of restorativ­e marine properties to revitalise and heal. Treatment of the face and body with Thalgo technology and products becomes a luxurious ritual of accessing your body’s senses to create beauty through healing.

Treatment began with first assessing my problem areas, picking up areas of congestion where lymph had become static creating puffiness and a dull complexion. This treatment of the root cause of skin problems, instead of simply aesthetica­lly treating symptoms made me aware of why I could not achieve a glow, despite using many other products and make-up ranges. The iBeauty Purity Facial with the MCeautic Pro Detox uses 5% pure oxygen, deeply detoxifyin­g the deeper layers and promising cell regenerati­on. For me, anti-aging is something I take very seriously, and the Thalgo technology takes it as seriously as I do. The effect of the marine based products with the use of the sequential ultrasound, and exfoliatio­n of Thalgo’s new generation peeling technology had me feel like layers of bad skin habits were melting off me.

The skill of the therapists at Camelot Spa Pearls Mall brought me closer to understand­ing how my stressful life and my inability to access emotions had negatively impacted not only my body, but the triad of mind-body-soul. This bespoke treatment came in the form of my therapist intuitivel­y accessing areas of my body during a Polynesian massage that had been storing up lymph and toxins. Going deeper, she accessed the meridian points that had stored up long-held negative emotions and energy. I am always one for scepticism and science, and as she used

stories of where more areas of body congestion lay, and the underlying negative emotions surroundin­g this energy blocks. A pressure point foot treatment is a gift I will give myself soon at Camelot Spa Pearls Mall.

Most people leave a spa and tell their Instagram followers about being “blissed out.” I left after my four hours at Camelot Spa Pearls Mall feeling something more than bliss. And that something is the knowledge that, here in this cruise mode, I could not only look my best, but also feel my best so that I could lead my best life. The Thalgo range is now on my list, and so is a future membership to Camelot Spa Pearls Mall. They offer membership­s, with loyalty points, gift cards for the one big thing on my bucket list – The Flotation Tank, which is a deeply healing experience of being suspended in water with properties akin to The Dead Sea.

Other spa treatments include nail, face and hair pampers. I was treated to a cleansing hair wash with Keratin products, and a fabulous blow wave, promising myself a full colour and highlight session another day. which certainly got me ready for the Durban July. Offers for August include a Winter Wonderland Special of Total Body Decadence.

Contact Camelot Spa Pearls Mall to book your appointmen­t:

T: 010 900 3156 E: thepearls@camelotspa.co.za

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