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Mod­ern high per­for­mance cars have lost some of the raw con­nect­ed­ness to driv­ing. A feel­ing that only those who love to drive crave. A feel­ing that sets apart just a fast car from a true driv­ers cars... These days very few man­u­fac­tur­ers are get­ting this right, yet it is pos­si­ble. The BMW 1M is an in­cred­i­ble ex­am­ple of a mod­ern high per­for­mance coupe, with the con­nect­ed­ness that made the orig­i­nal M Cars such fun to drive!

This car is by no means the fastest M car you can get, yet it feels ev­ery bit as fast as some of to­days su­per sedans. Maybe its the di­rect steer­ing wheel, maybe it is the light­weight com­pact body shell, maybe it is the man­ual gear­box that is so pre­cise, maybe it’s the wide wheel stance hid­ing un­der the flared wheel arch, maybe it’s the rear dif­fer­en­tial that al­lows you to pull in­cred­i­ble slides through cor­ners on a track... Def­i­nitely it is all of these things mated to a BMW M de­rived en­gine that makes this car so in­cred­i­bly spe­cial. At DRIV3R.world we rate the BMW 1M a full 5 stars for fun.

Ear­lier in this is­sue we also fea­tured the E36 and E46 M3’s. Hav­ing just reac­quainted our­selves with these two leg­endary cars that made BMW M so well known in South Africa, it is safe to say that the BMW 1M is an M Car of the old school... and that is a good thing, a very very good thing!

The 1M was made in lim­ited num­bers and as much its suc­ces­sor, the BMW M2, is also in­cred­i­bly en­ter­tain­ing to drive, the 1M is cer­tainly the more col­lectable car. Prices have been steadily ris­ing in the last 2 years and we think they will con­tinue to go up for a while. There is world­wide de­mand for these cars. Get one while you can!

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