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• Comfortabl­e and fun way to play, relax and sunbathe for people living with disabiliti­es. Sit and relax in the water Floats well Relaxing posture at the beach • • • The B-Active beach wheelchair is made of high quality aluminium. It can be safely used in a swimming pool, on the beach or in water and it is salt water resistant. Now you and and your family can enjoy a fun day at the beach. • • • • • • Seat width: 460 mm Back rest width: 380 mm Distance between armrests: 650 mm The back rest has 3x reclining positions Full shoulder seat belts and foot straps As stable as a catamaran due to the floats being well spaced apart Easy to get on and off for wheelchair users Won’t tip in normal conditions • • B-ACTIVE BEACH WHEELCHAIR info@mobilityso­lutions.co.za www.mobilityso­lutions.co.za 031 564 2303 WARNING B-Active wheelchair is not a boat. The sitting position is stable and you won’t slip out under normal conditions of use. It is not intended for areas with strong currents and waves. Life jackets recommende­d for non-swimmers. Be careful and have fun.

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