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It is mid­night on June the 30th, 2019 and Brexit has just taken ef­fect, mean­ing that the United King­dom has just com­pleted its with­drawal from the Euro­pean Union. The rea­son: Bri­tain couldn’t – or wouldn’t – con­form to the idea, and prac­tice, of a greater Euro­pean mar­ket struc­ture, Well, the short ver­sion of it.

Iron­i­cally, de­spite the coun­try’s de­ci­sion to go it alone, many Bri­tish com­pa­nies re­tain strong ties to Europe, par­tic­u­larly in the mo­tor in­dus­try. They need to, in a glob­alised mar­ket­place, if only to sur­vive.

As­ton Martin, for ex­am­ple, re­cently launched their new­est model, the Van­tage V8 (read more on page 30), and while the name is Bri­tish, its heart beats Ger­man. Pow­ered by an AMG-sourced V8, a bril­liant en­gine by any mea­sure, it wasn’t Bri­tish enough for the Gay­don­based car­maker, so they tuned and re­tuned the ex­haust note un­til, fi­nally, it sounded like an old-school As­ton.

This sourc­ing and re­pur­pos­ing is noth­ing new. As a mat­ter of fact, we see it all the time.

Nis­sans are re­pur­posed as Re­naults, and even the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class makes use of a Nis­san Navara chas­sis. And speak­ing of Mercedes-Benz, its par­ent com­pany, Daim­ler AG, re­cently had to give up the goods in the form of a 9.7% stake to Chi­nese en­tre­pre­neur, Li Shufu, who is also the founder of Geely, who in turn, owns Volvo.

It’s all very com­pli­cated this. So, we ask, when the pin fi­nally drops, will there be any cars left that are true to their her­itage? Or are di­luted blood­lines the way of the fu­ture?

While these are all very in­trigu­ing ques­tions, we do know that Driven will re­main true to its mis­sion of pro­vid­ing you with the very best in premium motoring con­tent.

Drive on!


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