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In the mag­a­zine busi­ness, there are al­ways dead­lines to han­dle. Whether that means beat­ing them, meet­ing them, or miss­ing them, there is al­ways some­thing that needs to be done at a cer­tain time. Some­times this means that there is only a tiny win­dow when your work is rel­e­vant, and other times you are granted some wig­gle room, at least, and the im­me­di­ate ur­gency sub­sides.

For four years, from start­ing Driven, guid­ing it through 50 dead­lines, and nur­tur­ing it to sig­nif­i­cance, this project has de­fined what I do, when I do it, and how I do it. It has taught me many things about life, busi­ness, and mo­tor­ing, and es­pe­cially that there are ex­pi­ra­tion dates to ev­ery­thing, as new projects, new op­por­tu­ni­ties, and new dead­lines emerge.

In the pub­lish­ing life­cy­cle, you only get a spe­cific win­dow of time to make your mark and to do things right. Few things are as im­por­tant as re­al­is­ing which dead­lines are the ones you want to meet, and then go at them with all the en­ergy you can muster.

So, the time has come for me to chase a new set of dead­lines, to em­brace a fresh chal­lenge as I now pass the wheel to a new ed­i­tor.

Nat­u­rally, hand­ing over the reigns of a project that has been near to me for so many years will not be easy, I know that the un­par­al­leled team of writ­ers, edi­tors and cre­atives that have helped to form Driven into one of the great­est mo­tor­ing reads around, will keep push­ing the bound­aries, and meet­ing their dead­lines.

Thank you also to you, our read­ers, for your sup­port, and your views over the many years that I was at the helm of Driven mag­a­zine. There will be other dead­lines, new chal­lenges, and I hope to find you there too, as part of a new chap­ter for us all.

Drive on!

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