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It’s strange, this whole car busi­ness. Cars are get­ting big­ger at a Big-Mac-a-day rate, while speedome­ters are also grow­ing longer legs. Yet, the to­tal con­tact area between a car’s tyres and the road rarely strays north of an A4 page size. While it is slightly wor­ri­some, this size also strikes a com­pro­mise of sorts between grip and rolling re­sis­tance. Dun­lop has, how­ever, de­cided to make lemon­ade and launch its SP Sport FM800 range of tyres. Us­ing a new sil­ica-based com­pound, the tyre maker has man­aged to re­duce rolling re­sis­tance, while also in­creas­ing grip thanks to the sur­face rub­ber that forms around the small in­dents in the road sur­face. As a re­sult, it out­per­forms Dun­lop’s cur­rent range by nearly 15% in wet brak­ing dis­tances, while also show­ing a sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ment dur­ing wet han­dling. The FM800 is rolled out in 42 dif­fer­ent sizes, rang­ing from 14 to 18” wheel sizes.

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