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• Ap­proach any in­ter­sec­tion with care, tak­ing a quick glance in the rear-view mir­ror to de­ter­mine the dis­tance and speed of the car fol­low­ing you.

• Do not rush for a green light. Will you be able to stop safely if it sud­denly changed to am­ber?

• Be­ware of a “stale green” light and be pre­pared to slow down since it is likely to change to am­ber any sec­ond.

• Be even more care­ful at a ‘fresh’ green light. A light that has just turned green for you means it has just turned red for side traf­fic. In South Africa, it has be­come al­most fash­ion­able that red is the new am­ber, since we see driv­ers jump­ing red lights with im­punity ev­ery day.

• When you are oc­cu­py­ing the front-line as the light turns green, check both sides be­fore pro­ceed­ing. This point can’t be em­pha­sised enough.

• Be­ware of cy­clists and pedes­tri­ans at in­ter­sec­tions, es­pe­cially when giving them the right-of-way. En­sure the car be­hind you doesn’t over­take you, thereby un­nec­es­sar­ily en­dan­ger­ing their lives. • Al­ways stop in such a way that you can see the wheels of the car in front of you. In this way, you will have an es­cape route, to the left or right, if the car in front gets into any trou­ble.

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