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Last month over lunch with a group of mo­tor­ing jour­nal­ists, Toby Venter men­tioned that he is work­ing on bring­ing the Nine Hours of Kyalami en­durance race back to Kyalami as early as next year. Rem­i­nisc­ing about the Nine Hours of old, he com­mented that every­body has a Nine Hours story, and if you’re old enough to have ex­pe­ri­enced the Nine Hours, I’m sure you too may have a story tell.

My first ar­ti­cle ever pub­lished came as a re­sult of the Nine Hours. As a big-eyed seven-year-old, I at­tended my first ever Nine Hours dur­ing the school hol­i­days in 1969. It also hap­pened to be my first ex­pe­ri­ence of any form of mo­tor rac­ing, apart from lis­ten­ing to ra­dio com­men­tary of mo­tor races that fea­tured my boy­hood hero, John Love. So, dressed in my rac­ing over­alls, which my mother had sewn for me, com­plete with John Love in­signia, spon­sor de­cals, and the Gun­ston logo em­bla­zoned across the back of my over­alls (yes, seven-year-olds were al­lowed to pro­mote Tabaco prod­ucts), I was off to the races for an ex­pe­ri­ence that would change my life for­ever.

Back in class after the school hol­i­days, we had to write the oblig­a­tory and usu­ally very bor­ing “What I did dur­ing my school hol­i­day” es­say. But boy, did I have a story. I got stuck into it, and after sev­eral rewrites and fact-check­ing (es­pe­cially the for­eign-sound­ing names of the driv­ers), I handed in my es­say. To this day, I can’t re­mem­ber what mark I re­ceived for my es­say, but ap­par­ently, it was good enough to be se­lected for the school year­book. And so, in 1969 at the age of seven, my first mo­tor­ing ar­ti­cle was pub­lished in print.

I trust that you will en­joy the sto­ries we bring you in this month’s edi­tion of Driven, and if you have a Nine Hours story (suited for all ages!), please feel free to share it with me. Who knows, you too may get your op­por­tu­nity to have your story pub­lished in print.

En­joy the read!


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