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In­ter­est­ingly, by cre­at­ing a “vir­tual long­tail” Stream­line Mode cuts drag by 12.5% and pro­duces 15 kg of thrust while re­duc­ing con­sump­tion and down­force. V-Max Boost, the most ex­treme T.50 mode, uses the char­ac­ter­is­tics of Stream­line Mode, as well as the car’s 48-volt in­te­grated starter­gen­er­a­tor and ram-air in­duc­tion to boost power to 515 kW for short bursts.

In part­ner­ship with the ac­tive rear spoil­ers and in­ter­ac­tive dif­fusers, the 400 mm rear-mounted fan in­creases down­force by 50% (in Brak­ing Mode 100% more down­force is gen­er­ated); re­duce drag by 12.5%; add around 37 kW to out­put in com­bi­na­tion with ram-air in­duc­tion, and cut brak­ing dis­tance by 10 m from 240 km/h. Im­por­tantly, ESP and trac­tion con­trol can be dis­abled en­tirely.

Ac­cord­ing to Mur­ray the steer­ing de­liv­ers pin­point ac­cu­racy, and the weight­ing of the H-pat­tern 6-speed X-trac man­ual trans­mis­sion and the ti­ta­nium throt­tle pedal is per­fect. Us­ing Miche­lin Pilot Sport 4 S 19” front and 20” rear tyres also saves weight, as they are nar­rower than a typ­i­cal su­per­car tyre.

To min­imise un-sprung mass, the wheels, hubs, and sus­pen­sion arms are forged from a light­weight blend of alu­minium al­loy and op­ti­mum stop­ping power, and fur­ther weight sav­ing, is en­sured by Brembo car­bon-ce­ramic brake discs.


Far from just a track-fo­cused tool, the T.50, ac­cord­ing to Mur­ray, of­fers day-to-day us­abil­ity, prac­ti­cal­ity re­fine­ment and com­fort along­side its fe­ro­cious per­for­mance. Says Mur­ray: “No other road car can de­liver the pack­age of power, in­stant re­spon­sive­ness and driver feed­back in such a di­rect and fo­cused way while re­main­ing com­fort­able, re­fined and us­able ev­ery day.”

Only 100 of this “true Bri­tish sportscar”, promis­ing to de­liver an un­sur­passed driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, will be built in-house from Jan­uary 2022 with its base price set at a whop­ping R52.5-mil­lion – ex­clud­ing taxes…

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