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The Lu­cid Air’s ad­vanced driver-as­sis­tance sys­tem (ADAS), named DreamDrive, fea­tures a com­pre­hen­sive sen­sor suite, in­clud­ing a Driver Mon­i­tor­ing Sys­tem (DMS), which is stan­dard on the Lu­cid Air Dream Edi­tion only. Tak­ing into ac­count that Tesla does not use LI­DAR (Light De­tec­tion and Rang­ing), this is the first sys­tem of its kind to of­fer 32 sen­sors, cov­er­ing vi­sion, radar, ul­tra­son­ics, and high-res­o­lu­tion LI­DAR in an EV. The use of LI­DAR ne­ces­si­tates a com­plete de­pen­dence on ge­ofenced HD map­ping, which is far less am­bi­tious than Tesla’s vi­sion-ori­ented ap­proach to driver as­sis­tance and self-driv­ing that is not de­pen­dent on geo-fenced HD map­ping.

The Sil­i­con Val­ley startup claims that the Air’s head­lamps, com­posed of lit­er­ally thou­sands of “light chan­nels”, pro­vides the bright­est, most pre­cise and ad­vanced light­ing sys­tem ever. Sim­i­lar to other lux­ury car man­u­fac­tur­ers, dig­i­tal steer­ing of light di­rec­tion is pos­si­ble by dig­i­tally switch­ing light chan­nels in dif­fer­ent direc­tions, im­prov­ing vis­i­bil­ity and en­hanc­ing safety.

Lu­cid has col­lab­o­rated with Ama­zon to bring an ad­vanced Alexa built-in im­ple­men­ta­tion di­rectly into the Lu­cid Air. This en­ables the driver and pas­sen­gers to en­joy the full Alexa ex­pe­ri­ence on the go – in­clud­ing nav­i­ga­tion, call­ing, stream­ing me­dia, smart home con­trol, and adding items to a shop­ping cart or to-do list. Alexa also pro­vides lo­calised ve­hi­cle con­trol fea­tures via voice

com­mand. Over time, Lu­cid Mo­tors plans to ex­pand on the Alexa fea­ture set with its own built-in Over­the-Air (OTA) up­dates.


The Lu­cid Air is a nec­es­sary and wel­come ad­di­tion to the lux­ury sedan seg­ment, re­gard­less of it be­ing an elec­tric car, or per­haps be­cause it is an elec­tric car. While com­par­isons with the Tesla Model S will per­sist with “Tesla Killer” head­lines, we ex­pect the Lu­cid Air to com­pete more with lux­ury sedans in the same price range, and less so with the Model S, which is nearly half the price for pretty much the same spec­i­fi­ca­tions. As such the Lu­cid Air is ex­pected to go head-to-head with the Mercedes-Benz S Class, BMW 7-Series, Porsche Panam­era and Porsche Tay­can, all of

avail­able Q2 2021, at $169,000 (ap­prox­i­mately R2,849,179)

avail­able mid-2021, from $139,000 (ap­prox­i­mately R2,343,407)

avail­able late 2021, from $95,000 (ap­prox­i­mately R1,601,609)

avail­able in 2022, be­low $80,000 (ap­prox­i­mately R1,348,724) which com­pete in the same price range. These are the true com­peti­tors, and based on the Lu­cid Air’s un­matched per­for­mance, ex­tended range, cut­ting edge tech­nol­ogy and post-lux­ury in­te­rior, this lux­ury sedan prom­ises to be a com­pelling op­tion for those buy­ers who value tech­nol­ogy and per­for­mance as much as they do op­u­lent in­te­rior de­sign.

In terms of per­for­mance alone, the Lu­cid Air is in a league of its own, stand­ing as fur­ther tes­ti­mony to the phe­nom­e­nal ad­van­tages of elec­tric propul­sion. In the words of Peter Rawl­in­son, CEO and CTO of Lu­cid Mo­tors: “With the Lu­cid Air, we have cre­ated a halo car for the entire in­dus­try, one which shows the ad­vance­ments that are pos­si­ble by push­ing the bound­aries of EV tech­nol­ogy and per­for­mance to new lev­els.” We agree. Now can we drive it, please?

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The Lu­cid Air will be avail­able ini­tially in North Amer­ica, of­fered in four de­riv­a­tives:
Air Dream Edi­tion:
Air Grand Tour­ing:
Air Tour­ing:
Price & Avail­abil­ity The Lu­cid Air will be avail­able ini­tially in North Amer­ica, of­fered in four de­riv­a­tives: Air Dream Edi­tion: Air Grand Tour­ing: Air Tour­ing: Air:

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