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1 Where would you find the Sea of Tran­quil­ity? A. Asia B. Un­der­wa­ter C. The moon D. North Africa 2 Name the only heavy­weight-box­ing cham­pion to fin­ish his ca­reer with­out ever hav­ing been de­feated? A. Mike Tyson B. Rocky Mar­ciano C. Muham­mad Ali D. Tyson Fury 3 In 2011, which coun­try hosted a For­mula 1 race for the first time? A. In­dia B. South Africa C. Ja­pan D. Brazil 4 What is an ot­ter’s home called? A. Bur­row B. Holt C. Coven D. Es­tate 5 What are the three pri­mary colours? A. Blue, green and white B. Red, yel­low and white C. Yel­low, blue and green. D. Red, yel­low and blue. 6 What do you call veg­eta­bles that have been sliced into thin strips? A. Juli­enne B. Brunoise C. Paysanne D. Ba­ton­net 7 South African Mary Sibande is known for her work as a . . . A. Painter B. Sculp­tor C. Singer D. Pho­tog­ra­pher 8 Dr Wouter Bas­son was the man be­hind an apartheid-era germ war­fare pro­gramme. What was his nick­name? A. Bio Ben B. Chem­i­cal Ken C. Dr Death D. Dr Cocktail 9 Which an­i­mal pro­duces the loud­est vo­cal sound? A. Lion B. Blue whale C. Ele­phant D. Hip­popota­mus 10 In which part of the body would you find the stir­rup and anvil? A. Scalp B. Ear C. Foot D. Hand 11 Chem­i­cally pure gold is rated as how many carats? A. 12 B. 24 C. 36 D. 95 12 How many eyes does a bee have? A. 2345B. C. D. 13 What is a pat­tern of stars in the sky called? A. Con­stel­la­tion B. Galaxy C. As­ter­oid D. Me­teor 14 Which is the only type of bird that can fly back­wards? A. Spar­row B. Hum­ming­bird C. Hawk D. Al­ba­tross 15 Which PSL club is Bafana Bafana’s all-time top goal scorer Benni McCarthy cur­rently coach­ing? A. Mamelodi Sun­downs B. Kaizer Chiefs C. Cape Town City D. Or­lando Pi­rates

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