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I was touched by the ar­ti­cle “I just want to be nor­mal” (21 Septem­ber). Nduduzo Gumede’s plea to God is to be nor­mal. It might sound sim­ple but it comes from the bot­tom of his sad heart.

A boy his age [17] is sup­posed to be out and about, en­joy­ing his school­ing and so­cia­lis­ing with other boys and girls. It’s a pity his face has been dis­fig­ured by a ge­netic dis­or­der and that he must suf­fer pain at night. This sad story teaches the rest of us that we can take com­fort in the fact that we’re alive and well.

Ever heard the say­ing “We com­plain of hav­ing no shoes while oth­ers have no feet”? I hope and pray Nduduzo will get the help he’s been promised. M SEREPO, EMAIL

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