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What do you ab­so­lutely refuse to eat?

I refuse to eat a pork head – no pork chops or pork ribs for me ei­ther. Pork doesn’t make me sick – I just don’t like it. The only pork meat I can get away with eat­ing is ba­con.

The most un­usual thing you’ve eaten?

Ma­sonja (mopani worms). There are peo­ple who love it but the idea of eat­ing a worm scares me.

What’s your favourite child­hood food?

My grand­mother’s cook­ing gives me a fuzzy feel­ing ev­ery time I think about it. She used to make a beef curry stew with veg­eta­bles and she’d add dumplings while the stew cooked.

How are you pre­par­ing for your sum­mer body?

I’m not nec­es­sar­ily do­ing it to get a sum­mer body but I’ve made a de­ci­sion to eat healthily and avoid junk food.

Your favourite dish to cook?

I love mak­ing Thai food and my best dish is Mon­go­lian beef. I love cook­ing veg­etable-based foods. The veg­eta­bles need to stay crisp and you have to pre­pare the beef a few days be­fore cook­ing it.

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